Pishiobury Park Engagement Shoot – Kirsty & Dan

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Pishiobury Park Engagement Shoot

Pishiobury Park Engagement Shoot

“This is me. Awkward in front of the camera.” Kirsty said to me on messenger, before sending me a Chandler GIF. You know the one.  

chandler gif cheesy smile engagement shoot pishiobury park

I laughed, because I know how she feels. Because I knew that was NOT how this was going to end.

In this world of insta filters, and picture perfect models, it’s hard not to feel self conscious and awkward, especially when you’re standing in front of a total stranger, thinking “please don’t ask me to say cheese”.

As we started on our way around the park for their engagement session, I asked them how their wedding plans were going. Unfortunately they’d had to postpone ’cause of the new C word in town.

We started simple and I asked them to walk towards me and then away from me. NOT looking at me, looking at each other, and trying to concentrate on not falling over or stepping in cow pat. (Something I do on a regular basis!)

After walking round chatting for a bit, they’re already feeling a bit more relaxed. Then I crack out the big guns, and go full blazing into jokes and games.

4 frames displayed in modern room to show what Pishiobury Park Engagement shoot wall art looks like

Pre Wedding Shoot at Pishiobury Park

We did all sorts, including playing the write something with your nose game (Dan choose the word BREAD – random Dan!!), piggy backs, (which Kirsty wasn’t so up for to begin with but once Dan insisted she had a ball), and more!

“I was unsure about Dan giving me a piggy back, I actually love them photos”

You know why? Because she wasn’t focusing on the camera, but on the fact that she was having fun! As I tried to get Dan to walk towards me, while giving Kirsty a piggy back, while she simultaneously leaned in to try and kiss his cheek.

Engagement Photo Shoot at Pishiobury Park

And the photos? Pure gold. Real moments of the two of them, being them.

“Oh my god.. love all the photos.. you’re awesome”

After the session I asked them if the engagement session helped them feel more relaxed about their wedding photos. And they both agreed that it definitely had!

Having seen their engagement photos and loved them, they can rest assured knowing they’re going to love their wedding photos just as much. And they feel much more relaxed about doing them on the day, ’cause they know exactly what to expect!

And they were SO relaxed on their wedding day! Not a Chandler smile in sight! Post on that coming soon, for now, check out their engagement photos below!

From Engagement Shoot to Finally Married!

Kirsty & Dan finally got to have their wedding, and as their Gaynes Park Wedding Photographer, I was so pleased to be able to capture it for them.

Check out how confident they were, and how awesome their weddings photos are here.

Couple Walk towards camera holding hands Natural Couples Photo Shoot Pishiobury Park
Couple sit facing each other on log Natural Engagement Session Pishiobury Park
Close up couple sit facing each other on log Natural Couples Session Pishiobury Park
Close Up of Couples embrace Natural Pre Wedding Photo Shoot Pishiobury Park
Pre Wedding Photo Shoot Pishiobury Park Couple Sit foreheads together
Couple lean against tree noses touching Natural Engagement Shoot Pishiobury Park
Couple lean against tree kissing Pishiobury Park Natural Engagement Shoot
Couple lean on bridge heads together Pishiobury Park Engagement Shoot
Couple lean on bridge heads together Natural Engagement Shoot Pishiobury Park
Close up of couple holding hands Couples Photos Pishiobury Park
Couple stand together holding hands and arms on bridge Engagement Photos Pishiobury Park
Couple give piggy back ride at Pre Wedding Shoot at Pishiobury Park
Couple walk away from the camera Engagement Photo Shoot at Pishiobury Park
Couple backs to camera pause Engagement Shoot at Pishiobury Park
Couple rest heads together smiling Pishiobury Park Engagement Photo Shoot
Couple sit in field together Pishiobury Park Engagement Shoot

Like to Learn More About EngagEment Sessions?

Come and learn what they’re all about here…


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