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As Kirsty & Dan’s Gaynes Park wedding photographer during a time of strange Covid rules, I was happy that their date fell as some restrictions lifted.

It started as a rainy Monday morning – something that would usually have a bride on her toes before the makeup artist even arrives. Not Kirsty!

The guest limit on weddings had JUST been lifted (like, that very day!), and guests were now dependent on the venue’s capacity limit.

Despite the rain coming down outside Gaynes Park, and “advised against” dancing, I was excited.

And there were 50 guests coming… whaaatttt. Seemed mental, considering two days ago I shot Kerry & Dan’s wedding with their 30 guest limit (sucks I know!)

I wasn’t sure I could picture 50 people together in a room anymore, but I was stoked to have my memory jogged!

Gaynes Park Wedding Photographer Framed Photo

Pandemic Postpones GAYNES PARK WEDDING

A year previously they’d planned their wedding to be on Kirsty’s birthday.

But, when the pandemic got involved, they, like lots of other couples, were faced with postponing their wedding day.

Instead, Dan now has two dates to remember – Sorry Dan!

Given the journey it‘d taken to get there, when it was finally here and raining, I’d expect any bride to be a bit… annoyed. Not Kirsty.

For her, all that mattered was the day was here and she was having it, whether she got wet or not!

Gaynes Park Wedding Venue


Honestly – this has got to have been one of the most chilled weddings I think I’ve ever been to! I’m so glad a little rain didn’t dampen their spirits.

And to be fair, there’s no better venue for indoor groups than the orangery at Gaynes Park. The light in there, on an overcast rainy day, is beautiful!!

Luckily the rain let up for a short time, time enough for us to head out and get some beautiful couples shots in the grounds of Gaynes Park. 

Alright, let’s see some photos, shall we?


Gaynes Park Wedding Ceremony Naked Chairs
Love is Here Bench Gaynes Park
Top Table at Gaynes Park
Wedding Cake Gaynes Park
Bride and Groom Settings Gaynes Park
Wedding Dress Gaynes Park
Gaynes Park Wedding Dress
Bridal Prep at Gaynes Park Wedding
Candid Kid with Camera Gaynes Park Wedding
Flowergirl Gaynes Park Wedding
Bridal Putting Earrings in Gaynes Park Wedding
Mum Helps Bride Gaynes Park
Close Up Bridal Jewellery Gaynes Park
Maid of Honour Puts Brides Shoes On Gaynes Park
Groom doing Best Mans Cufflinks Close Up Gaynes Park
Close up of couples Son with Rings Gaynes Park Wedding
Groom Doing Tie Gaynes Park Wedding
Grooms waits for Bride Gaynes Park Wedding
Bride Leaving for Ceremony Gaynes Park Wedding
Dad and Step Dad Walk Bride Down Gaynes Park Aisle
Groom Sees His Bride Coming Gaynes Park Wedding
Dads Give Bride Away Gaynes Park Wedding
Back Shot Bride and Groom Gaynes Park Wedding Ceremony
Bride and Groom Gaynes Park Wedding Ceremony
Son Gives Rings Gaynes Park Wedding Ceremony
Close Up Son Gives Rings Gaynes Park Wedding Ceremony
Close Up Ring Exchange Gaynes Park Wedding
Ring Exchange Close Up of Son Giving Rings to Groom and Dad
Bride gives Grooms Ring Gaynes Park Wedding
First Kiss from behind Gaynes Park Wedding Ceremony
Couples First Kiss Gaynes Park Wedding Ceremony
Signing the Register Gaynes Park Wedding
Kiss While Signing Gaynes Park
Just Married Walk Back Down Aisle Gaynes Park Wedding
Confetti Outside Orangery Gaynes Park Wedding
Wide Shot Confetti Outside Orangery Gaynes Park Wedding
Couple Smile at Guests Gaynes Park
Bridal Portrait Gaynes Park Wedding
Close Up of Bride holding Bridal Flowers Gaynes Park Wedding
Grooms Portrait Gaynes Park Wedding
Close up of Grooms Suit Details Gaynes Park Wedding
Couples Portrait Looking to Each Other Outside Gaynes Park Orangery
Couple Kiss Gaynes Park Orangery
Couple Walk Path to Gaynes Park Orangery
Couples Portrait Under Gazebo Gaynes Park
Heart Gate Gaynes Park Wedding
Couple Walk to Reception Gaynes Park
Toast The Couple Gaynes Park
Kids Play with Bubbles Gaynes Park Wedding
Kids Running Gaynes Park
Candid Guest Shot with Two Wine Glasses Gaynes Park
Guest Pulls Groom Over Candid Wedding Shot
Groom Falls Backwards as Guest Pulls Groom Over Candid Wedding Shot
Candid Shot of Nan Gaynes Park Wedding
Groom Wearing Veil Gaynes Park
Natural Romantic Couples Photos Couple Heads together Close Up Gaynes Park
Natural Romantic Couples Photos Couple Heads together Gaynes Park
Gaynes Park Couples Photography Groom Embraces Bride from Behind
Couples Rest heads together romantically with backs to camera at Gaynes Park Wedding
Couple Lean on Love is Here bench at Gaynes Park
First Dance Embrace Gaynes Park

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If you helped supply this wedding, let me know and I’ll happily add a link to your website here! 

VENUE: Gaynes Park
DRESS: Enchanted Bridal Boutique
FLORIST: Blossom and Bells
DJ: Marky B UK DJ
HAIR: Oh Prettie Hair
MAKE UP: Leigh Reynolds MUA


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