Wedding Videography FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Some questions pop up all the time, so I created this page with the most popular wedding videography FAQs to try to answer any questions or concerns that you might have!

If you’ve have another question, get in touch, I’d love to help you!

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Can we meet you?

Yes, I try to meet, video chat or at least speak to all my couples. It’s important we get to know each other better BEFORE you put down any money.

It’ll have a huge impact on your experience if we get along, and I want you to enjoy the process and book the right person!

I believe this so much that I don’t limit the number of meetings we can have.

We're completely awkward in front of the camera, Will you help us?

Honestly, I feel exactly the same. Camera out, awkward feels on – I totally get it!

I work hard to create an enviroment where you feel relaxed, can let go and just be you.

I’ll also give you prompts and things to do so you’re not just focused on the camera, and you may even have a bit of fun!

What do we receive?

You can choose to have a highlights film, showing all the best moments of the day editing into a beautiful and emotive story,  with or without your audio recorded.

There are also full documentary coverage options for those who want to watch their wedding ceremony and speeches back in real time. 

When will we get our videos?

I know waiting for your video is tough, as it’ll be one of the most exciting things you’ll be looking forward to as a newlywed.

But editing films does take time, and I want it to be perfect for you! So, 8 weeks after you’re wedding you’ll rest assured be able to watch your wedding film over and over, and over and over!

How do we book?

When you’re happy to go ahead, (after I’ve done my happy dance), I send you a link to your client portal. This is where you’ll find all your info.

You’ll need to sign your contract and pay the booking fee which secures your wedding date with me.

The booking fee is 25% of your chosen package price. Don’t worry, you can book small and upgrade later if you wish!

What happens if you're ill on the day?

Only a very serious illness will keep me from capturing your wedding day! If I’m able, I’ll be there.

But if something terrible did happen and I really couldn’t make it, then I’ll do my best to get you a replacement.

I have a back up list of videographers, who work similarly to myself, for this very reason.

They’ll capture your day, and I’ll take over the editing. This will keep your film consistent and ensure you have a video you’ll love.

If I’m so unwell I can’t do the editing, then I’ll transfer any money you’ve paid me to my backup shooters, and they’ll take over the job.

And, if I really can’t find someone (which is extremely unlikely), I will give you a full refund.

Heard Enough? 

Check my wedding availability!

Get in touch and see if I’m available for your day!