Dog & Pet Photography FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

There are loads of questions that probably come to mind when you think about booking a photo shoot for your dog. I’ve done my best to collect concerns and questions most people have and put them here.

That said, if you have a different question, please get in touch. I’d love to be able to help you!

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Dogs walking away from camera
Cute portrait of a dog

Before your Session

Should I wait for the perfect time?

Trust me when I say, no time is perfect! 

Don’t hang around waiting for them to learn that command you’ve been trying to teach them for ages.

Dogs will be dogs, and sadly, they don’t live as long as us. 

The longer you leave it the more time will pass, I’m talking from personal experience!

Do I choose products before the shoot?

No, not at all. You only choose and place your order once you’ve seen your photos.

Your session fee is payable when you book. After your session I send you a private online gallery of your best images.

From there, you’ll see your images and decide on the products you’d like to order.

How do I book?

Send me an email at [email protected] or head to the contact page. 

When you’ve decided you’d like to go ahead, I’ll send you a link to your very own client portal. You’ll find all your info there.

You’ll need to sign a contract and pay the session fee to secure your booking.

My dog won't sit still?

Honestly, all pet parents worry about this! It’s normal, so don’t let it hold you back.

My photography style is natural, with all sessions taking place on location. This takes away the pressure of a studio environment, helping you and your furbaby relax.

I only need a split second to capture a perfect moment, and this happens more often than dog owners think! 

Sometimes you’ve just got to let dogs be dogs. If it’s not going to plan, it won’t do any good to shout at them. We’ll wait it out and keep trying. Trust me when I say patience is key!

This lively pup was all over the show, but you wouldn’t be able to tell that in the photos we got for his session!

What if I don't trust my dog off lead?
If your dog can’t be off lead, there are many options to explore so we don’t end up with the lead in all the photos.
If it’s a real worry, we can photograph them in the safety or your garden, a secure park, or we can keep their lead on.
Keeping the lead on, it’s worth thinking about getting a small, thin lead. This will be easier to remove from photos afterwards.
Lead removal is only carried out if the removal is simple enough to do. Lead removed in more complicated cases, may incur additional retouching costs.
What should I bring to the session?

Bring some of your dogs favourite treats or toys, some water and something that squeaks!

I’ll typically have these things with me but if your dog is familiar with them, they’ll feel more comfortable!

What should my dog wear?

You may laugh, but this is a valid question! It comes back to whether things will need to be removed after the session.

Think about harnesses, leads and collars and if you don’t want them in the photos. Harnesses can easily be removed from some dogs, but not others. Coat patterning and other elements can complicate the process and make it difficult. It’s best to leave the harness at home in most cases.

If in doubt, ping me a message and we’ll discuss the best options for you! 

What if it rains?

With the typical british weather, this is a good question!

You don’t need a perfect summers day to get great photographs.

Overcast days provide really flattering light! And other weather conditions can provide equally gorgeous results.

If it is pouring with rain, then we’ll reschedule at no extra cost.

Where do your photo shoots take place?

All my pet and dog sessions take place on location.

I want your furry best friend to feel relaxed, and the best place to do that is on a walk in the park!

The more relaxed you feel, the better the images will be – for both humans and doggos alike. This is why I don’t offer studio sessions, especially for dogs!

How long will it take?
Typically, sessions last around an hour. But I recommended scheduling at least 90 minutes plus any travel time, just in case.
How many photos do you take?

For dogs and pets in particular, I take a lot of photos. My style is very natural and I’m looking for split second moments.

You know how you’re worried about your dog not sitting still? That’s why I take a lot of pictures. To make sure I get the best chance at getting the perfect moments of your furry best friend.

After the session I go through and pick the best images 30-40 images and edit each one to my natural, warm style.

After your Session

How do we view our photos after the shoot?

After the session, I’ll send you with an online gallery. Here you’ll be able to view and choose your photos in the comfort of your home.

Your gallery will be live for five days for you to choose your images. This ensures I can give you the best level of service possible, should you need any help.

How long before we get our online gallery?

Around 1-2 weeks after your session you’ll receive your online gallery.

Do you edit the photos?

Yep. I go through and adjust each image to match my natural and warm style.

Taking them from their raw format into beautiful images you’ll be proud to display in your home.

It’s important to think about your dogs wear on the day of the session. Their safety is my number one concern, and if they have to be on a lead this can be tricky to remove in some cases.

Thinner leads are easier to remove, and harnesses might be best left at home. Unless the harness blends with your dog and can be easily removed from the image.

If you’re unsure, send me a message and we can chat about the best options for you. 

Can we buy digital files?

I’m a believer that our images are more enjoyable in print, but I understand that we live in a digital age.

In fact, I tailor my collections to give you the best of both worlds. But if you just wanted digital images only, you can of course choose that as an option. The choice is yours!

Will you help us choose?

I like to give you the freedom to make decisions without any additional pressure from me.

But if you’re struggling to choose, I’m more than happy to help if you need it!

It’s what I’m here for, and I’m only ever an email or phone call away!

How long after we've placed our order do we receive our products?

Products are delivered 4-6 weeks after you’ve placed your order.

Will I be pushed into spending?

No, absolutely not. That’s not me. I offer online galleries is because pushy sales is not my thing at all. I want you to have the freedom to decide on what you want to buy.

Once, I signed up to a membership in a shopping centre. I immediately cancelled and regretted it as soon as I got home.
I don’t want you to feel like that!
I want you to feel confident and happy with your decisions. Providing you with a service that gives you great photos and makes you feel good!
No pushy sales from me. In fact, if you don’t like your images, there’s no obligation to buy.
That said, of course it’s my goal and hope that’ll you’ll fall in love with them – And most people do!
Can I pay monthly?

Your session fee is due when you book your photography session with me. However you can pay for your products monthly if you wish.

Product purchases can be paid off in either 3 or 6 monthly terms.

Only once all your payments have been made will your products then be ordered and released to you.

Ready to book in or would like to ask a question?