Dog Photography Essex at Coalhouse Fort, Tilbury

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Maltese Cross, max Had his Puppy Photos Taken! | Dog Photography Essex

Maltese cross puppy Max was just six months old. I always hear how people can’t imagine their dog sitting still in any images. People really believe the dogs I’ve photographed are little angels as their dog would never take a good photo! If people think that about their own dogs, their thoughts are worse still when it comes to puppy photos! 

It doesn’t have to be difficult. With a little patience, perseverance, lots of treats, a squeaker and some crazy noises, it’s definitely possible. Six month old Max here will show you how! It’s really just making sure the dog is having a fun and safe time, while I focus on taking photos. I know how to capture the special moments, you just need to remember to bring their favourite treats along! Think your dog wont sit still for one photo? Don’t forget, one photo is a just fraction of a second.

The Order of Dog Photography!

My preferred order to running a photo session when it comes to dogs and puppies is as follows. Firstly and most importantly, a short walk while the dog gets used to the idea of me and my camera. I then start with session with portraits. Dogs are at their most attention giving in the beginning. After we’ve got some solo portraits, the humans get involved if that’s something they want to do. 

Near the end of a session we’ll do some action shots or water based shots. After we’ve got some nice ones of the dog all clean and not too tired beforehand! Action shots of your furry best friend are a great way to really capture their spirit! 

Making Memories of Your best Friend

This is the exact technique I used to capture these photos of little Max. But Max’s humans were thinking that Max was being naughty and moving so much – he wouldn’t sit still! But it’s okay, dogs will be dogs. I’ve got the know how and skills to capture the good moments and I love it! 

Keep scrolling for some more super cute moments from six month old Max!

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