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Annisa & Lewis’ Harlow engagement Session

Getting wed in the January of 2021, (correction since – January 2022!) Annisa and Lewis have started to set their wedding planning in motion with plenty of time.

It was a chilly November afternoon in which we’d planned to go ahead with their Harlow engagement photography shoot and the weather was looking dreary.

It was a risk to take going ahead with the session, as rain was forecast and the ground was still pretty muddy from a rainy few days previous.

Still these two were happy to brave the mud, and take the risk of rain, so we went ahead mostly as scheduled, but moving the session up by thirty minutes.

This would give us a bit longer with the daylight seeing as it was a grey and cloudy day. Meeting up at one of my favourite places to shoot, Pishiobury Park, we battled our way through some mud and took a walk around the park.

Luckily it started raining right as we came to an end, so it all worked out perfectly!

Autumn Engagement photography in Harlow

Let me tell you that shooting in the height of Autumn might scare some as the weather can be chilly. But it’s definitely one of the best times to shoot.

If in doubt, do as these two did and wholly embrace the weather! The colours of autumn are just gorgeous and are so worth the extra effort.

Use it as a chance to model your new favourite coat or your Harry Potter jacket, like Annisa here did.

I love it so much that Annisa chose to wear her Gryffindor jacket to our engagement session. Because it just shows her personality. And I am all for that.

Harlow Engagement photography

Having an engagement session is a great way to embrace being yourself, and being completely relaxed and at ease. It gives you a great practice run for the wedding day, when you’ll be feeling a little more on edge.

But ultimately you’ll know what it’s going to feel like working with me, and all your worries will fade!

A few more favourites from Annisa & Lewis’ engagement session are below, I can’t wait to see their wedding in 2021! (correction 2022 – thanks Covid!!) Not long now before you can say just a year to go guys!

Annisa & Lewis did eventually get married after Covid having postponed their planned date for January 2021 to January 2022. Check out their wedding days below!

Annisa & Lewis’ Bishops Stortford Register Office wedding photography & Annisa & Lewis’ Manor of Groves wedding photography 

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