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Wedding, Portrait & Pet Photographer
in Harlow & Essex

I’m Lindsey and I am a wedding, portrait & pet photographer based in Harlow, Essex. I specialise in these areas because I love capturing emotional moments of your most loved ones. Real life genuine memories that you guys will look back on. It’s what gives you and a picture a connection. So if you, like me, love preserving memories then you have most certainly come to the right place!

Shooting with Lindsey at LNZPHOTO

My style is very natural and stress-free and I always encourage people to relax during a photo shoot. Try not to worry if the kids are fussing; we’ll let them do their own thing and capture that. Unscripted moments that show your little ones personalilty will ultimately make better photos. If we’re doing bride and groom portraits and you don’t really like having your picture taken; that’s fine; I hate having mine taken too! This is why I create such a relaxed environment to work in. I want you guys to feel at ease and have fun with your photos. While I will guide you in a photo shoot, please feel free to chat and laugh through our session.

And ultimately, mostly importantly in-fact: Be yourself.