Paws in the Park Dog Show 2017

On Sunday I had the opportunity of doing a bit of dog photography at the Paws in the Park Dog Show run by charity, Havering Mind. Dogs of all shapes and sizes and their humans were super excited to show off their skills, outfits and more! I even recognized one or two from the All About Dogs show last year which I had the pleasure of photographing.

Now I’m dog lover but a dog lover without a dog. Seeing so many dog lovers like myself who have the time and ability to care for their best friends, who’re doing just that melts my heart. I live to see and capture the relationships people share with their loved ones and their pets, so this was an awesome day. Full of love, care, skills, fun and yes you guessed it, dogs!

Newfoundland dog runs excitedly at paws in the park dog show

Some dogs were just so excited for the show to start!


Summer Mini Photo Shoots 2017
Children grow up so fast, don’t they? Remember this stage in their life with this amazing offer from LNZPHOTO.

It’s that time of year again and I’ve decided to run some more mini summer photo shoots. And at the cost of a pizza you’d be mad to miss it!

Summer Photo Shoots - Photo Examples by LNZPHOTO

Looking back – Photos from 2016

A selection of images from 2016 by LNZPHOTO

Happy New Year! To kick 2017 off I wanted to look back at some fantastic moments from last year! So 2016 was such a emotional year for me with so many good and bad things happening. This seems to be a year everyone is quickly willing to forget as we jump in 2017 (the 5th January already!), now there are some things I would like to forget… but there is plenty I hope you will join me in remembering.



All About Dogs Show 2016!

On Sunday 25th September 2016, I had the amazing pleasure of being the official photographer at this years All About Dogs Show at Hylands Park. This was an amazing honour for me and I couldn’t believe my luck. I going to be combining two of my biggest loves; dogs and photography into a full days photography event. Excited didn’t begin to cover it!


Girls laying in autumn leaves, why mini photo shoots rock

Mini Photo Shoots with LNZ.

I occasionally offer mini photo shoots here at LNZ. What are mini photo shoots? Well they’re similar to regular photo shoots however they are shorter and more affordable. Because sometimes just a little bit of what you fancy is enough, right? I love doing these photo shoots and I love capturing your little ones personalities. It’s so important to be able to remember these! The purpose of these kinds of shoots is so that I can offer you the chance to have a shorter shoot, a lower price and a regular update to your professional photos.

Why? As we all know updating professional photos of our loved ones is something we often neglect, what with phone cameras these days being what they are. But I want to give you the opportunity to have these incredible memories and beautiful moments preserved. So read on for the top 5 reasons why mini photo shoots rock!


009-Karen&Matthew-9-Wedding Preparation

Wedding Preparation

Most bride and grooms don’t realise the wedding preparation a photographer puts in to making sure each wedding runs smoothly. Interestingly a photographer in business only spends 20% of their time on photography. The remaining 80% is dedicated to business, including things like preparation, admin, accounts, invoicing, contracts, communications, replying to emails.

What that means is while you see your photographer for 4-8 hours of the day, they spend days before and days after working on your wedding. Therefore you guys might be interested to know how we ready ourselves to make sure we get all the required pictures from your day. So that you know we are prepared and ready to face what may come, as a result you can put your mind at rest knowing that the photos will be captured.


Groom looking at crying bride, wedding photography

Second Shooting for and Assisting another Photographer

Remember my post about assisting with some wedding photography at Parklands Quendon Hall for a Wedding? Well, I got back the photos that I took. A while back now, but I’ve finally gone through them. I was assisting at this wedding so I didn’t explicitly take photos. I photographed the ceremony itself and some of the reception afterwards. The rest of the time my camera was away and I helped the main photographer do his thing. It was a prime opportunity to learn, and I learned a lot. I can already see improvements in my more recent work (stay tuned) from this wedding that was shot back in February.

The little things make all the difference, and to this wedding and venue they all were so beautiful. I really enjoyed being there to take in the day and get used to the flow of a wedding day. Now I’m writing this in June, and the wedding was back in February. So I’m trying to remember how I felt then… Because I’ve done a few more weddings since, have also become a lot more confident and my photography has improved 10 fold.


Child popping a party popper, event photography

My account of Leaving Party Event Photography at
Redbourne Golf Club

Hey guys! Delving straight in with a recount event photography: A leaving party. The family were moving to live in Australia. (Where I’m sure they are enjoying much nicer temperatures than we in the UK are right now. Well sure the bank holiday weekend actually hasn’t been too bad for England, I mean it hasn’t rained all weekend (like normal), it’s actually been pretty nice. Today is a little less so and a little more chilly, however.)

I was hired for a couple of hours to capture event photography of the send off. A party after dark I knew I would need to use my flashgun. In the light of wanting to be mobile and quick I mounted my flashgun to my camera and bounced it off of the ceiling mostly.


Bryan Adams Quote - Wedding Photography

Photography Life

I have so much to tell you guys! Seriously, I know I’ve not posted in a while. I’ve been busy… and I’ve had quite a bit on! I’ve got lots of shoots I’m going to be talking about in the near future. Photography Life is taking hold and I’ve a great deal of things to concentrate on and aim for in the future.

Mainly weddings. (#loversoflovinglove)


Why Photography?

Hey guys! I’m going to answer a interesting question that was put to me recently… Why Photography? Well this is the back story… Someone at work the other day asked me “What got you into photography?”

So today I thought I’d share the answer with you guys. It’s a little different than most… I wasn’t given a camera at a young age and the rest wasn’t history!

Well maybe it’s a little like that…