Looking Back at the Epic Wedding Moments of 2023!

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2023 Wedding Moments – From Pandemic to Rising Costs!

With 2022 came the return to normality for weddings, and for most of our daily lives. The challenges presented to us that year had me wondering what 2023 would hold for the world of weddings.

An emotional and financial rollercoaster, I’m sure you can all empathize with. We’ve all been hit hard, consumers and businesses alike.

While more metaphorical poop was thrown at us, through all that has happened, I feel we’ve been made stronger, felt harder, and have grown to love with beauty and depth.

The weddings that’ve happened have been filled with love and energy on a scale that’s made me feel so lucky to be there documenting such precious moments.

Wedding Moments 2023 - Confeti cannon goes off during couples first dance and reactions

The Busiest Wedding Season, and Personal Growth

2023 was the best business year I’ve had yet. It was also one of the most challenging years of my life. Its challenges, though overcome, came with the best rewards. Both personally and in business, and I found a growth in myself that I’d not really known.

I finally felt like I could do this business, and I would. And I did. But after the severe 24/7 full steam ahead work life, balance became a thing of the past. That means this year started with taking some time off. In my experience of building this business,

I’ve heard stories of burnout, and stories of taking a step back, and stories of how much you need to step up and work work work, to make it, well, work.. And like anything you don’t know quite how it’ll affect you.

Despite the weird return to normal, everything becoming more expensive and a challenging time for most of us, it was a blessing to be able to celebrate so many wonderful couples and their relationships. And I want you to know I don’t take that for granted in any way, shape or form!

Wedding Burnout and the Honest Truth for Business Owners

As I continued to work long hours, and sleep less than the ideal amount of hours in order to keep up and maintain the pace, I became burnt out. I didn’t even realise it at the time, the busy was masking it. And it’s why this post has taken so long to write.

I come at you with honesty, not because I long for sympathy or pity, just because in my business, and my personal life too, being honest is a huge driving factor and one of my many values that I hold dear.

When you run a business, and you’re a customer using that business, it can be easy to not realise there’s a human person behind it. With big corporations of course that’s not quite so true.

But with my little photography business, every time you purchase from me you’re helping me to live that life I always dreamed of, while pursuing the only thing I think I’ve probably ever been good at.

As I sit here entering the second quarter of 2024, I can’t help but feel like I’ve wasted the few 3 months of this year. But I know I haven’t. I needed to break from blogging. From social media. From the ‘business’ of it all.

I’d fought so hard, I’d needed that time to enjoy what I’d fought for. Now, this year, as we enter April it feels weird to talk about resolutions and goals, but I resolve to make this year as badass as last, but with a bit more work life balance, a bit more self care and love, and a ton more fun, joyful, beautiful occasions and photographs and films.

Wedding Moments 2023 - Pug in wheels accompanied by his humans bride and groom

Personal 2023 Highights For Me:

  • My brother got married and I got to be a bridesmaid!!
  • Me and doggo moved into a lovely home in Dunmow.
  • I learned more about who I am as a person, and felt more me than ever, (which is something I’m always encouraging my clients to do – always be you! It’s what makes you awesome)
  • I made new friendships and strengthened existing ones!
  • I had my busiest business year yet and continued capturing some bloody amazing weddings for some bloody awesome people!

Thank you for my Wedding Moments 2023

My business isn’t possible without my amazing couples, and it’s for you all I owe my biggest thank yous.

For trusting and allowing me to be there capturing your amazing days.

If 10 years ago, you’d have told me I’d be a wedding photographer, I’d have laughed. I didn’t think it was my destiny, but as some of you know, weddings found me. Showed me the path to love, and I am beyond grateful that I get to do what I do. Someday I’ll tell you that story.

But for now, to you, dear readers, if you’ve made it this far…, I’m grateful to you all for being in and contributing to my life.

Whether you scroll the photos, or watch the slideshow, skip or read my words, I thank you for being here to support my business this year. I’m back and I’m ready to take 2024 by storm, I just needed a little break.

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