Looking Back at My Fave Wedding Moments of 2022!

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From Crisis to Crisis, Wedding Moments of 2022.

Living through a worldwide pandemic, wrought with lockdowns and scary measures we never expected we’d see, was tough.

It was a relief when our lives could resume some sort of normality, and we could start enjoying joyous occasions again.

Then came more bleak news with the war in Ukraine. We lost Queen Liz.

The cost of living rose exponentially and it became harder to heat our homes and afford basic necessities.

Not to mention, to finally do all those things we’d planned to do once coronavirus was under control.

We thought the new normal might be challenging, but we didn’t see this coming. Or at least, I certainly didn’t.

Reflecting Back, becoming Stronger, Loving Harder

An emotional and financial rollercoaster, I’m sure you can empathize with. We’ve all been hit hard, consumers and businesses alike. 

While more metaphorical poop was thrown at us, through all that has happened, I feel we’ve been made stronger, felt harder, and have grown to love with beauty and depth.

The weddings that’ve happened have been filled with love and energy on a scale that’s made me feel so lucky to be there documenting such precious moments.

Older Guest Dressed Up Dances through Guests arms at Stock Street Farm Barn Wedding

Personal 2022 Highights For Me:

  • I hit the big 30 and prioritised time doing things for myself. Including; seeing a band on my own, reading lots of books, and spending time with my amazing friends and my doggo!
  • Had my own photo and film shoot for the business, and took my own (awesome) advice, absolutely loved it!
  • I flew to Portugal to film the wedding of a dear couple of friends, who are wedding photographers themselves. HUGE honour.
  • Rebranded! I can now offer both photo and film for your weddings!
  • Met and worked with more amazing photographers. Community over competition!
  • I got to continue photographing and filming some bloody awesome weddings!

Wedding Moments 2022

This wouldn’t have been possible if not for the support and encouragement of all my amazing couples, friends and colleagues.

To you guys reading, I’m so grateful to each and everyone of you being a part of my life!

Whether you watch the video above, check out the photos below, read or skip my words, to all of you, a hoooggee thank you ALL for supporting my business this year. 

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