How To Relax, Be You & Get Awesome, Heartfelt Wedding Photos

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How to relax be you and get heartfelt wedding photos

Would you love relaxed, heartfelt Wedding photos?

You’re engaged, starting to plan your wedding, and would love natural wedding photos that show you, well, being you, right?!

But, being photographed is, plainly, quite terrifying – I totally get you!

You’d love to have those natural heartfelt moments that capture the connection you share. But you’d like them without any overly posed awkwardness, am I right?! Natural photos that capture your unique love story.

As a wedding photographer, I live for capturing laid back couples who’re marrying their best friend, just like you.

So I’ve got some amazing tips, that’ll help you create heartfelt wedding photos you’ll LOVE.

Couples Photos That Amazing Place Wedding Photography

1. Don’t be Scared to Move!

It’s natural to clam up and go a bit stiff when you come face to face with a camera. You just start thinking about all your “flaws” and how you hope the photos don’t show your [insert the thing that drives you bonkers here].

Trust me when I say this. You’re partner is guaranteed to see you differently to how you see yourself, am I right? We’re so hard on ourselves, I wish we could all see ourselves through the eyes of others sometimes.

What you’ve got to do when being photographed, as hard as it is, is try to embrace it, and let go of that feeling. Because dwelling on those things that only you’ll notice, will make for a rubbish experience. And result in photos that don’t show the real you. And we want the you your family, friends and future spouse, know and love!

Please trust me on this and let go! That’s where the best moments come from, and where movement comes in to help. Don’t be scared to move during photos, you don’t have to be statue still! Run your fingers along their arm, rub your hand on their back, take a slow walk together, give each other a piggyback, play games.

Doing these little things and keeping yourselves moving, not only helps you feel more relaxed. But it takes your focus off the camera, and creates those little moments of gold that I’m always banging on about.

And when I work with couples like you on their wedding days, I’ll give you little golden nuggets, with my tried and tested prompts, that’ll get you moving as naturally as possible. You’ll be amazed at how easy it’ll be and how relaxed you’ll feel. With zero awkward poses in sight.

And the photos? Well, authentic moments that capture the connection you share.

Groom leans in and kisses his bride on head in beautiful natural wedding photography

2. Chat to Each Other

Similarly to moving, having a simple chat and engaging with each other leads to masses of moments of gold between you both. Moments that are unique to you.

But, alas, when someone points a camera at you, talking to each other just doesn’t feel natural. You feel like you should be doing some glamour pose, else maybe you’ll look weird and be caught in nothing but awkward moments of you with your mouth half open, right? Wrong! (Lion king vibes here!)

Engaging with each other and chatting showcases subtle connections between the two of you, that you might not realise as they happen. But they’re there.

Whether it’s the way they brush your hair out of your face, place their hand lovingly on your back as you walk, or simply the way look at you, there’s ample moments of connection you won’t even realise are pure gold.

I love picking out these moments of connection, where you see clearly your bond. And capturing them forever in a single 250th of a second frame. To eventually providing them for you to look back on your time together.

And the best bit, these moments of downtime where you get a few minutes together to chat about your day so far, couples are so grateful for!

Couple sit on wall cuddled up overlooking the view Hadleigh Castle

3. Practise with an Engagement Shoot!

The thought of subjecting yourself to more photos in an engagement shoot can be scary one.

There’s so many good uses for engagement photos (save the dates, socials, some nice photos around the house, to name but a few), but the best use of an engagement shoot, is practice for relaxing on your wedding day.

Doing it with your wedding photographer, is not only a great chance to get to know them, but also to see how they work and get comfortable knowing what to expect.

You also don’t have to be as dressed up on your wedding day, so wear what you’d usually wear and take it easy. Read more about my relaxed engagement sessions here.

First Dance Twirl The Lion House Wedding Photography

Want Heartfelt Wedding photos Just Like These?

For relaxed, heartfelt wedding photos, the most important thing to remember is:

Relax and be yourself.

Easier said than done, right? I get it. So I’d LOVE to help you do just that. Learn more about my relaxed wedding photography below.

If you’d love to chat more about this, please feel free to get in touch and we can chat about your wedding!


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