10 Fun, Interesting Facts about Marriage for Engaged Couples!

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Did you know that 9th February is World Marriage Day? Just 4 days before Valentine’s day is a day that celebrates everything about marriage, who knew?! But it’s definitely something worth celebrating. The commitment of marriage is beautiful, full of love and simply amazing. People get up in front of their family and friends to declare their love for each other. Promising and committing themselves to one another. Whatever religion, whatever kind of couple, straight, same sex, whatever! Love is beautiful and that’s DEFINITELY worth celebrating! To celebrate this year I thought it’d be fun to share the 10 most fun facts I’ve found out about marriage.

10 Fun and Interesting Facts about Marriage for Engaged Couples!

  1. So the word “bride” apparently comes from an old English word; “bru” which means to cook!?
  2. Bridesmaids would traditionally dressed in similar gowns to the bride in order to confuse rival suitors, evil spirits and robbers!
  3. In France, it’s legal to marry a dead person! Yep! It is possible as long as evidence that the deceased had the intention of marrying you while alive.
  4. The longest recorded marriage currently stands at over 90 years!
  5. With jobs, the kids, television, the internet, hobbies, home and family responsibilities the average married couple only spend four minutes a day together!
  6. In 1576 in England, 10 year olds could get married!
  7. Until 1912 in the UK, If a woman committed a crime in the presence of her husband, he was legally considered to have pressured her into doing it.
  8. Celebrating and sharing your good news with your partner could lead to a better and happier relationship.
  9. Marriages are also said to be happier when you’re best friends, a study in 2014 found. When you develop a close relationship with your partner happiness levels increase!
  10. A UK study found that couples said it was more important to their happiness to be married, than money or owning their own home.
Cool so that’s the 10 fun facts about marriage, if there’s something here you didn’t know, or something you did comment below! If you’ve gotten to the bottom of this post, remember it’s okay to be celebrating your unique and beautiful marriage (or relationship!) in your own imperfect way. Lindsey x


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