Couple’s Photo Shoot with Your Dog! – Lisa, Gary & Lily

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You should totally have a couple’s session with your dog!

I first met Lisa & Gary back in 2016 when I photographed their wedding in Harlow. They had come to me because I’d photographed a friend’s wedding. You can read more about Lisa & Gary’s Harlow Wedding here. 

I was so pleased that Lisa & Gary enjoyed the experience working with me, that they had me back the following year to take their anniversary photos. We had a shot their anniversary photos at Pishiobury Park, right around the time of their first wedding anniversary. You can see photos from their anniversary photo session here.

Then Lily came into the picture. Lisa and Gary had decided to get a dog, not long after their first anniversary session, and decided to bring her along to our photo shoot the following year for their third time working with me.

Choosing the Perfect Location for your Photo session

Having spent most of our shoots in Harlow, the couple were after something a little bit different and liked the place where I photographed Max, the Maltese Cross puppy’s first photographs. You can read more about Max’s dog photography session here.

So we booked in the shoot at Coalhouse Fort in Tilbury, Essex. A great place to host a photo session as there are a lot of different elements, including interesting buildings, a lake area and more. This gave us the opportunity to capture photos in a variety of locations.

It also meant they had to option of capturing some shots of Lily in the water if they wanted to. However she’d just been bathed that day so we elected to skip the water!

The Photo session itself

If you have a dog, I’m sure you can agree to the fact that they are very much a part of your family. As such it can be a really nice touch to include them in your couple’s photos.

When including a dog in your couple’s session, I always advise to bring the dog’s favourite toys and treats along. These can be really helpful in getting their attention if they’re distracted. It’s also worth thinking about what they’ll be wearing. Harness or collar? Will they need to be kept on the lead? Are there any special things you and your dog do together that might make for an awesome memory? 

For me, it’s all about capturing the connection between you, essentially by going for a walk and playing. So there really is nothing out of the ordinary to worry about if you’re booking a photo session with your dog!

If you’d like to know more about booking a photo session with your dog please email me at [email protected] and I’d be happy to chat about you and your best friend!

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