Top Meadow Wedding Photographer – Carrie & Iain

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Top Meadow wedding of Carrie & Iain | 26th august 2016

Carrie & Iain said their I do’s at their Top Meadow wedding in Essex on the 26th August 2016. It was a gorgeously hot day, and emotions were high throughout. Carrie was a vision of beauty and literally everyone was in tears. 

Golf Club wedding

Carrie told me that when Iain suggested they get married at Top Meadow, she immediately said no. She thought that she didn’t want to get married at a golf club. It had some kind of stigma to her and her first reaction was a definitive no!

But when she & Iain visited the venue, she saw how special it was and what it could be for their wedding. It  also had the added bonus of that connection with Iain, who’d spent a lot of time playing golf there. So it was special, and as it turns out, it was the absolutely the right place for their wedding. 

IT’s the PEOPLE, not the things

For me your wedding day is as important as anyone’s no matter where you choose to do it! Everyone is different and so their choice of venue might reflect that. But what matters the most is celebrating the love and relationships you share. It’s much more about the people than the things, because all you really need is love!

Top meadow Golf Club Wedding Ceremony

Now just look at that view out of the ceremony room, the amazing stunning Essex countryside! It opens up onto a balcony as well. This is something I knew should be captured, but I wanted to include the presence of wedding chairs and the podium so Carrie & Iain knew what this image represented. And that’s their day, their venue, and their story. 

It was a pleasure to be able to photograph Carrie & Iain’s Top Meadow wedding, and I absolutely love the photos I captured. Please scroll down for more photos and be sure to let me know what you think!

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Until next time, that’s it from me, I hope you enjoyed seeing Carrie & Iain’s Top Meadow wedding!

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