5 Super Special Intimate Wedding Ideas For A Memorable Wedding Day

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5 Super Special Intimate Wedding Ideas for a Memorable Wedding Day

Looking for Intimate Wedding Ideas to Make Your Day Special?

Look no further! In this post I’ve brought together some intimate wedding ideas that’ll help you out of the funk and get you back into excited wedding planning mode!

Check them out below!

Intimate wedding ideas Couple laughing during wedding vows

1. Write Your Own Vows

Okay, this is scary. Telling someone how you feel is hard. Harder still to write it down, and worse to say it in front of people. But you’re having an intimate wedding! And with less people there’s less pressure.

Secondly, your relationship is one of a kind, and your vows should be too! Why not increase the special by making it even more YOU!

You’ve seen it on American TV shows, but it’s quite rare in the UK for couples to read their own personalised vows. Sometimes it’s because you’re simply not allowed.

So before committing to this one, check with your registrar as the rules change from place to place, and church weddings require you to say their written vows to make your wedding legally binding.

BUT if you’re brave, and allowed, definitely write your own vows.

Lots of couples these days are choosing to have their legal ceremony ahead of their wedding celebrations, so they can share a really personalised day with family and friends.

Don’t let fear hold you back. Trust me when I say no matter what your guest count, you’ll only be looking at your partner in that room.

And the emotions that come out of it, woo – They get me all choked up! Imagine what they’ll do for the people who know and love you dearly!

Intimate wedding ideas Barn Wedding Venue Sign Colville Hall

2. Create a Wedding Hashtag

If you’re anything like me, when you first heard about wedding hashtags you probably thought, another fad, we DON’T need that.

BUT actually, wedding hashtags are an awesome way for your friends and family to upload their photos from the day and have you be able to find them easily.

So why not invite guests who aren’t attending to share their individual separate celebrations by utilising a wedding hashtag.

You could collect all the photos and stories and create a wedding memories book. This could be a great alternative to an on the day guest book with smaller guest numbers.

Even if you just use it for people attending your wedding, it’s a great way to collect social posts and see through your guests’ eyes how they experienced your day!

Imagine that, you put your hashtag into Instagram and photos of YOU come up – Bit of Insta fame right there!

You could even ask your photographer to use that hashtag so their photos pop up too!

A few tips:
1. Try out different combinations (for inspo you could use your names, wedding details, puns, etc)
2. Check your favourites to make sure they haven’t been used before.
3. Share it with friends and family, create a sign, and don’t let them forget to use it!

Intimate wedding ideas Gorgeous Mrs and Mrs wedding ceremony at Tewin Bury Farm Hotel

3. Livestream Your Wedding

Deciding to go intimate doesn’t mean you can’t have everyone see you tie the knot!

Live streaming is becoming a more and more popular way to share smaller weddings with guests that not only couldn’t make it, but with family and friends around the world.

AND it gives you the means to watch your wedding ceremony back for years to come.

If you don’t go for live streaming, definitely get a wedding videographer. It might not be live to share as it happens, but it’s a way to enjoy your wedding with friends and family all over, including any future generations too.

Intimate wedding ideas Photo memories at Boughton Golf Club

4 Include Non-Atendees

What a great idea to incorporate those who can’t make your actual wedding.

You could create a photo wall of your loved ones who’re unable to attend, so they’re there with you in spirit.

Maybe even invite them to have their own celebrations while watching your live stream and send in photos of themselves to see how they’re enjoying your day.

Don’t forget! Get them to use your wedding hashtag so all the memories are in one place.

You could even ask them to send a personal written message or a video message that you could read or play during the day.

Use shared written messages and add them to that ever growing memory book we started making earlier!

Intimate wedding ideas Fun Wedding Game Ideas at Southsea Castle

5. Get Personal

I once saw charitable donations given as wedding favours at a wedding. That was pretty special because the couple had chosen causes that meant a lot to them.

You could gather photos of you with your guests and use these as place cards. An awesome way to show your love and an even better keepsake your guests can take home. This is much easier to do with a smaller wedding because finding photos with hundreds of people will cost you time, effort and money.

But there’s tons of other stuff you can do too:

  • Have a photo wall or display with your journey for all to see
  • A custom wedding quiz or game that friends and family can play
  • Things that represent you both, like a awesome personalised cake topper, personalised pots of honey. Could be anything

And more and more weddings are having their pets attend! Why not make sure to bring the whole family!

Intimate wedding ideas Personalised bridal dressing gown with Mrs H on

What Will You Do for Your Intimate Wedding?

I hope these ideas have got your cogs turning, and inspire you to create the most amazing intimate wedding ever!

If you use an idea or have any better ones, let me know in the comments below!

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