Candid and Natural Family Photography in Harlow, Essex

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Natural Family Photography in Harlow Essex

I love being able to offer natural family photography in Harlow and was so happy when Chris booked his session. Chris booked in for his family session with his lovely wife and super cute baby daughter in April last year. I know – I can’t believe a year has gone by so quickly! It’s so easy to take that time for granted and little Freya here will be looking so much bigger already! 

True to the nature of April, showers meant our first booked session was rained off. Although Chris and Stephanie had their wedding photos taken in a downpour, they didn’t want to directly repeat that again! We held off and were blessed with some gorgeous April sunshine the following week. 

Choosing a Location for your Family Photos

All photo sessions take place on location or in your home. This is because I really believe a relaxed environment creates naturally beautiful photographs. When booking a session I always encourage clients to choose a location that is significant to them, otherwise I suggest some great locations. I often shoot in Pishiobury Park and Harlow Town Park, but Chris had other ideas. 

We took this shoot a bit further than Harlow and went to Theydon Plain in Epping. This was a place that was significant to these two parents as they would often go for walks here. It’s awesome to take on board your ideas for location shoots and discovering new places, and this was definitely a great place for a photo shoot. I got there early to check it out and make sure I had some ideas of where to go. 

Family Photography as the sun Goes Down

I recommend shooting at sunset or golden hour as photographers call it, because it really does produce the most beautiful light! Of course you can take amazing pictures during the day, but there’s just something about the stunning soft light of sunset that I absolutely love. 

Now we shot a bit earlier than the optimal golden hour time as little Freya here needed her beauty sleep. It’s always good to think about bed times and nap times when it comes to planning your family session! But it was only a hour or so earlier so we still had the beautiful light to play with, it was just a little higher in the sky. 

Choosing what to wear on your family Photo shoot

When it comes to outfit choices I always recommend soft, solid colours. Try to avoid strong patterns or names and logos that act as distractions in the photos. I also suggest you wear something you like and feel comfortable in. If you’re not feeling comfortable – this will show in the photos!

I don’t know about you but I’m not a fashion guru and ultimately I think you should wear what you’d usually wear! But if you want to get a bit more glam, then you’re absolutely free to do so – the choice is ultimately yours.

I love how Chris and Stephanie are wearing soft muted colours while Freya goes a bit bolder with some orange under a soft blue dungarees outfit – it makes her stand out as the star of the shoot, which she most certainly was! And it a nice way to pull the attention of the image. 

Natural Family Photos in the Park

Sunset. Check. Cute family. Check. Beautiful location. Check. Time to take some photos! 

Capturing the personalities of families is what I enjoy the most about photography. We go for a little walk, stopping in beautiful light, while doing all the things we normally would. Walking, playing and laughing while I capture the moments that come from your interaction. I do give prompts so you’re not wondering what on earth you should do, but it’s completely natural and not at all awkward!

So then we took some photos. I’ll leave it there and let you have a look!  

Please leave your thoughts and comments below, I’d love to know what you thought of this family photography in Harlow session.

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