What to Get Ready Before Your Wedding Photographer Arrives

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What to get ready before your wedding photographer arrives - Pinterest

Wondering what you should get ready before your wedding photographer arrives?

Being prepared for your photographers arrival will save you both time, help you relax AND give you the best chance at getting the best photos. 

There’s not a loads you have to do, but taking these steps will help ensure your way to awesome getting ready photos.

Wed2B Dress Hanging on Wooden Beam in Mil Pond Barn Colville Hall

1. Details, details, details.

I’m talking about all those bits you’d like photographed before you put them on; your dress, suits, shoes, bouquet, earrings, perfume, etc. Collecting them all together so they’re in one place will really help your wedding photographer when they arrive.

2. Find the light!

Windows are definitely your best friends (alright, more like they’re my best friends!) ’cause they let in that awesome natural light. We want to position you near a window when getting ready to make the most of that light. Bear that in mind and clear some space near one if there isn’t any, and your photographer will thank you for this! 

3. Minimise Clutter

Clean on the wedding day?! No, not exactly, you’ll be pleased to hear! But when your mind is all over the show (you’re getting married after all!), it can be easy to leave bits lying around that might make for cluttered photos. Get a member of your wedding party to help you clear things away to make for a clean space for photos.

Get these things ready before your wedding photographer arrives and they’ll love you!

Doing these three things will really help your photographer and you get those fab getting ready shots.

Find out more about how I capture your wedding photography here.


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