Do You Need a Wedding Website? Wedding Website Pros & Cons

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Wedding Website Pros and Cons

Do you really need a wedding website?

Well, no. You don’t have to have a wedding website. ‘Cause you don’t need anything you don’t want to have! It’s your wedding day after all. The way you find to best organise your plans is the best way forward. And lots of couples get by just fine without one.

But, that said, there are some great reasons why putting aside a bit of time and effort to create one might be awesome for your wedding. And better still, lots of services offer great free options, so you won’t need to put aside the money!

Still in doubt? Here’s the pros and cons to get your mind ticking away.

But remember, it’s totally up to you – it’s certainly a nice to have, not a must have!

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Wedding Website Pros

1. You can keep all the details of your wedding day in one accessible place
2. You’ll be able to update info as you find out, or if anything changes
3. Provide your guest with important accommodation info
4. Collect all your guests RSVP’s easily in once place 
5. Upload photo galleries to share with family and friends
6. If you opt out of paper invites, it’s a super eco-friendly solution.

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Wedding Website Cons

1. It might take over your life! But seriously, it takes time, effort and creativity to make one, and you’ve got a lot to do!
2. You need internet access to get on, so you might have down time if you can’t access the web for any reason.
3. It’s not got the same personal touch as posting paper invites (although you could do both!).

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Will you make a wedding website?

What do you think? Thought about making a wedding website? Have one you’d recommend? Are now thinking about making one? 

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