What to Expect at Your Engagement Photo Session


Thank You!

Thank you for booking your engagement photo session with me! I’m super excited to capture some awesome pre-wedding photos for you!

Getting engaged is just step one in the wedding planning process. And I know having photographs taken can take you out of your comfort zone. 

I want you to come away with awesome memories that you’ll love and an engagement session is a great way to get to know how I work before your wedding day.

I’ve created this guide so you know exactly what to expect at your engagement session.

And together, we’ll capture the moments that show your connection in a natural and fun way.

Lindsey x

He hugs her from behind making her laugh with sunset in the background Relaxed Pre Wedding Photos at Pishiobury Park

Session Info

Your Engagement Photography Session

When you start wedding planning the thought of hiring a photographer can be a daunting one. Having an engagement session helps take away some of the pain by getting to know your photographer before your wedding.

So fear not! My sessions are relaxed, natural and take place on location. Essentially it’s just going for a walk in the park with a friend, who happens to carry a couple of cameras!

Engagement sessions can last around 45 minutes. Once we’re done, you’re free to go home and put your feet up, while I head home and to back up your beautiful images to make sure they’re safe and sound.

The best moments happen when you relax, let go and be you. It’s natural that you’ll feel a bit anxious, but I’ll be there to put you at ease and help you feel as relaxed as possible. 

I’ll prompt you so you know what to do. You won’t need to worry about what to do with your hands or posing all stiff and saying cheese. Ultimately we’ll just have a laugh, chat and won’t take it too seriously!

If you have any ideas of images you’d like captured just let me know!

We’re Awkward

It’ll Be So Embarrasing!

Trust me when I say I feel this way too, having photos taken can feel super daunting. This is exactly why I work so hard to put you at ease.

I’ll help you forget your being photographed so you can focus your attention of your partner. While I focus my attention on capturing the moments you’ll hardly realise are magically happening between you.

Pre wedding photo shoot heads laid together Pishiobury Park Essex

Shoot Locations

Where to Go?

We’ll head to a nice outdoor location, usually a park or somewhere with some lovely natural backdrops and lovely light. 

If you have a location in mind, maybe somewhere that has some meaning for the two of you, then let me know. 

I know some great locations for sessions, so if you’re happy to be guided I can provide some suggestions. Your session includes one location, but you could start in your home and walk to a nearby area to maximise options if you wanted. 

004 Wedding Moments 2022 - Hadleigh Castle Engagement Session

The Weather

Typically British!

Weather in the UK, well, need I say more? Haha! I’m often asked what happens if the weather isn’t on our side.

I love the changing seasons as we get them in the UK, and each has fantastic photo opportunities. It doesn’t have to be a perfect summers day to achieve great photos.

And, the weather isn’t as troublesome as you might think! Don’t worry if it’s grey skies and overcast on the day of your session. This, actually makes much softer light and is a dream to photograph in. The photo below was taken on a cloudy day.

If it’s really pouring with rain we’ll reschedule at no extra cost. 

022 Wedding Moments 2022 - Chappel Viaduct Couples Photo Shoot

What To Wear

“But What Will I Wear?!”

– The Grinch

Once you’ve realised there’s no need to feel anxious, and that there’s a plan if it rains, you’ll probably be wondering what you’re going to wear! I’m not a fashion guru at all, but I do have some tips to help you choose your outfits for your session.

Don’t forget to consider the fact that on your wedding day you’ll be all dressed up, so now’s your chance to really feel relaxed and comfortable. With that in mind firstly, you want to make sure you wear what you’d wear normally. If you’re feeling uncomfortable, it’ll show in the photos – please trust me on that. The more comfortable you feel, the more relaxed you’ll feel, the better the images will be. 

Secondly, I try and choose soft solid colours and avoid any clothing with elaborate patterns, logos or words. Not only will these date your images quickly, but they’ll also distract from the magic of your images. And we want you to be the focus!

When it’s cold, don’t be afraid to put your wellies and winter coat on, these look super cool in photos and add a unique element to your photos!

Wondering how to choose clothes that go well together? Choose colours that compliment each other with similar tones. If you’re really unsure, start with one top and try to find clothes that compliment that for your partner. Lay them out together and you’ll get a better feel if they’ll work together.

Think about the seasons – pastels work brilliantly in spring, but earthy tones will stand out in autumn. 

Couple with dog walk away from camera into the sunset gold hour photography

Your Gallery

After Your Session

I take quite a few photos because of my natural style, I’m looking for split second moments.

I’ll choose the very best images after your session, (usually between 30-50) and edit each one to my natural, warm style. 

Around 2 weeks later, I’ll email your online gallery to you. This will be live for 5 days for you to choose your favourites. 

Once you’ve placed and paid for your order, in 4-6 weeks, you’ll receive your products!

I can’t wait to capture photos that you’re going to love for years to come!

Couple hold hands in Harlow engagement photography session
Unposed engagement photography where couple look to each other
Couple embrace, with his nose on her cheek, she looks at the camera
Couple walks towards the camera in natural moment laughing togther
Sitting on a log together in country park engagement photo shoot
Couple embrace in natural engagement photo shoot
Laughing together as he writes something on her cheek which she must guess
Fun natural moment between couple as she licks his nose
Detail photograph of the engagement ring

Your Products

Beautiful Keepsakes You’ll Love For Years to Come

I’ve chosen these products to display your photography stylishly and timelessly. They’ll look as good now as they will in 20 years. 

Having 5 days to choose might seem daunting, so please know that I’m here to help – without any added pressure. I want you to come away with products and photographs you love. 

I’ve designed the product guide and price list to make the process as uncomplicated and as easy as possible for you.

If you have an idea of somewhere you’d like to put some frames, send me a photo of your wall, with an A4 piece of paper taped to it and I’ll make a mock up with the photo of your wall. Pretty cool, huh?

You don’t have to buy what I mock up. I just want you to be completely happy with your purchase!

I can’t wait to create products you’re going to love having on display!

Engagement Photography framed storyboard frame with nine engagement session images
Close up of green cover photo album
Enagagement Photography framed Collection of 3 framed prints, one large portrait and two smaller landscape
Close up of three legacy albums

Frequently Asked Questions

Can we meet you?

Yes, I try to meet or at least speak to all my couples. It’s important we get to know each other BEFORE you put down any money.

It’ll have a huge impact on your photos if we get along, and I want you to enjoy the process and book the right person!

We're completely awkward in front of the camera, Will you help us?

Honestly, we all feel this way, even I do! That’s why I work hard to make you feel as relaxed as possible.

I’ll prompt you and give you things to do so you’re not focused on the camera, and you might even have a bit of fun!

Do I need an engagement session?

An engagement session is a great way to mark your engagement. But it also gives you a chance to see how I work as a photographer.

You don’t have to be all dressed up like you will be on your wedding day. It’s great practice at getting relaxed in front of the camera!

It also gives us a chance to get to know each other better. This will make for EVEN better wedding photos.

How many images do I receive?

I don’t limit the number of images you receive. I get rid of duplicates and blinks and give you the best of the bunch. 

When will we get our photos?

I know waiting for your photos is tough. It’s one of the most exciting things you’ll be looking forward to once your married.

I’ll get you a sneak peak and blog post to share with friends and family within the first week or two. And after 4 weeks you’ll receive all your lovely images to relive the day!

Albums take a big longer to produce as we’ll work together to confirm the perfect design.

How do we book you?

I’ll send you a link to your very own client portal where you’ll find all your info.

You’ll need to sign a contract and pay a booking fee which secures your wedding date with me. 

The booking fee is 25% of the package price. Don’t worry, you can book a smaller package and upgrade later if you want to!

What happens if you're ill on the day?

Only a very serious illness will keep me from photographing your wedding day! As long as I’m able to I’ll be there.

But if something horrible did happen and I couldn’t make it, then I’ll do my best to get you a replacement photographer.

I have a back up list of photographers, who all work very similarly to myself, for this very reason.

They’ll photograph your day, and I’ll take over the editing. This will keep your images consistent and ensure you have images you’ll love.

If I’m so ill I can’t do the editing, then I’ll transfer the money you’ve paid me to my backup photographers, and they’ll take over the job.

If I really can’t find someone (which is extremely unlikely), I’ll give you a full refund.

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