Wedding Albums: Why You MUST Get a Wedding Album!

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Should I get a Wedding Album?

I was meeting with a potential couple and we were having a good chat about their wedding. I hadn’t gotten round to showing the wedding albums, when the groom-to-be said:

“I don’t know how you feel about this, but I don’t believe in wedding albums”

*Heart sinks*

He’d had a family member who’d put their wedding album in the loft to gather dust. He wondered what the point in them was.

His family member had probably wanted to protect it. So they didn’t ruin it, they put it away. But it meant no one got to look at it. And instead, it sat unused in the loft for many years.

But just think about the next person who’ll find that wedding album.

Wedding album importance, example open wedding album showing pages from below

Ever Look Through Old Wedding Albums?

Have you ever looked at your parent’s photo albums?

Laughed at the fashion? The hairstyles? The glasses?

Maybe the wallpaper Mum used in the old house?

Do you remember asking about the people in the images?

Hearing your parents tell you stories of your Nan, or your Uncle Jim who is sadly no longer with us? 

Imagine your children, who’ll one day find a USB but have nothing to plug it into, and no way to relive those memories with you. 

White wedding album with blue ribbon wedding album importance

Think About It. Technology & Wedding Albums?

I said to the groom-to-be that one day that album is going to be so incredibly important. When there’s nothing else left to tell the story of that day.

A USB and digital images are great, but look how quickly we moved from CDs to MP3s to having everything accessible on our phones!

Hey some laptops don’t even have CD drives anymore, one day the USB drives will go too!

Either way, what will be left as technology advances, is the timelessness of a wedding album. Tangible real life legacy!

Importance of wedding albums, linen wedding album

Wedding Albums are Also Our Legacy

That USB will end up in a drawer somewhere. You’ll forget all about it, and when you want to look through your wedding photos, you’ll be stuck.

You’ll share a few on Facebook sure, but in the drawer the USB will go and so will those lovely memories of your day!

When people come over and to see the wedding photos, you may or may not know where the USB is. You might go to get it and gather round a screen, or a laptop and plug it in to view all of the images. But would you? Really?

Why not choose your absolute favourite images and have an album made? You’ll have it available to pass around socially when loved ones and family come to visit.

And in a few years time, when USBs have moved on to the next thing, your album and your legacy will still be here.

For you to share with your kids, for your kids to share with their kids. 

Importance of wedding albums - White wedding album with blue ribbon
Importance of wedding albums - Close up of white wedding album with blue ribbon
Wedding albums importance - white wedding album with blue ribbon

Will You Really Print Your Digital Files?

I know so many people who chose digital only packages. They thought they’d get round to printing their wedding albums.

And you know what happened? Nothing. No prints, no album, nothing tangible to show family and friends.

No awesome wedding photos on the wall showing their most happiest day.

Once the day has come and gone, you’ll no longer care about the details. Because it’s already happened.

Long after the food is eaten and the first dance has been danced. The one thing you’ll care about and cherish most, (aside from your new spouse), are the photographs.

In 100 years we won't be here but our photos will be quote

“In 100 years we won’t be here anymore, but your photos will be.”
– Jerry Ghionis

Wedding album importance - open album, close up of pages
Wedding album importance - open album, close up of spine
Wedding album importance - open album pages

The Digital World Vs Wedding Albums

Don’t get me wrong, the digital world is amazing. I love the fact that I can take endless amounts of photos. That I can photograph with two memory cards in case one breaks.

But a wedding album is one of the most beautiful things that will come from your wedding day.

Honestly, people always tell me they LOVE their album. It’s their favourite thing, because it’s tangible. It’s real. And it tells their story.

Let me know your thoughts on this in the comments below!

Oh and by the way, when I got the wedding albums out the groom-to-be loved them.

Told me I’d completely changed his mind about albums and of course they’re getting an album!