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SWPP – Photographers Convention!

So on the 13th January, I got my trade show ticket and headed to the train station for the SWPP photographers convention. With the intention of kickstarting 2018 in the right way for my business, I headed to London. What a show, everything photography all in one place… heaven.

photographers convention ticket

Print competitions where I could look at some stunning photography, which I love! Suppliers, so I could look at new gear, products & accessories. And masterclasses from some fantastic photographers. What better start to the year for a photographer than a photographers convention? Unfortunately I was unable to attend any of the masterclasses, I’ll keep my fingers crossed for next year on that one. However I did have my specific reasons for going. I knew what I was going to looking for, and even found some extras.

photographers convention freebie

To start the day I began looking through the print competition images and winners, some absolutely amazing photographers out there! I should of noted my favourites, but I was in a state of overwhelm and didn’t. So disappointed in myself for this, for shame!

The Trade Show

After I checked out the print competition I started to make my way around the photographers convention. The aim of the game for me was to find product suppliers I want to work with this year. So that I can supply what I need in the best quality for you guys. I looked around at album designers, framers, card makers, printers, and lots more.

photographers convention swatch guide

booklets from the photographers convention

Let me tell you the choices for album companies out there are insane, and they’re all so beautiful. There was one company making albums from recycled coffee cups! Fantastic! I am however extremely happy with my current wedding album supplier. Particularly because not only are they traditionally handmade, they’re just simply beautiful and elegant. Not only that but they’re quite unique as there was nothing there like them!

I do however want to offer more digitally produced photo books for portrait and pet customers so I can create more affordable storybooks. So I wanted to find a new potential supplier to be able to create stunning coffee table books for you to share with friends and family.

One of the main things I was going to look at was framers. I’m really excited to focus on producing stunning artwork people will be proud to hang in their homes. There’s really no better way to showcase your amazing images.

More Research Needed…

So I really wanted a framing supplier who could provide amazing quality as well as bespoke options that produce a stunning look for my clients who are looking at getting framed artwork made from their images. I found them, the perfect frame suppliers, but I need to do some more research. That’s on my to do list, because they absolutely stood out, but there was another company which was equally intriguing but more for the software options that came with the framing company, rather than the frame options themselves.

lots of research to do, all leaflets picked up at photographers convention

The next thing I need to do then is research. I’ve a pretty good idea of the companies I want to get to know more of now. I’m excited this year to produce some even more amazing products! The more I continue the more I learn, and the purpose of attending these shows is to absolutely strengthen that. I’ve another photography show to attend in March, so the changes this year wont be made until after March ends and the new tax year begins.

Exciting times ahead!

Until next time,

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