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Summer Mini Photo Shoots 2017
Children grow up so fast, don’t they? Remember this stage in their life with this amazing offer from LNZPHOTO.

It’s that time of year again and I’ve decided to run some more mini summer photo shoots. And at the cost of a pizza you’d be mad to miss it!

Summer Photo Shoots - Photo Examples by LNZPHOTO

Personally, and maybe I’m a tad biased but I think keeping photos of our families up to date so we can remember every stage is so important! Trust me I know exactly what it’s like to say I’ll do it soon and put it off until it just becomes something that sits in the back of your mind. So these summer photo shoots are a great affordable way to keep your memories up to date. As a photographer you wouldn’t believe that I have more photos of you guys than my own family! So I make these mini summer photo shoots for a few reasons. Click below to read all 5 reasons why they’re such a great idea!

5 Reasons Why Mini Photo Shoots are a Great Idea!

Below is a short video about my summer photo shoots with some example photos so you can see the value of this amazing deal!

You can receive this offer for a 30 minute summer photo shoots with 5 high resolution digital images for only £20! Come on, we’ve all spent at least that on a pizza on a Friday night, am I right? I can bang on about how important I think photography is all day, but at the end of the day, it’s not really about photography. It’s about remembering the people who are the most special in our lives.

Unfortunately I won’t always be able to run this offer so don’t delay, book your slot as soon as possible to ensure you don’t miss out.

Summer Photo Shoots for 2 Dates Only.
29th July 2017 & 5th August 2017!

What’s Included?
*30 minute photo shoot
*5 high resolution digital images
*Online gallery to view all your images

All for only £20!

There are no hidden costs and no minimum spends. You pay £20 for everything listed in the What’s Included section above and if you wish to purchase more of course you can, but there is absolutely no obligation to do so.

Are you ready to book your slot now? Don’t delay, either call 07745584061 or email contact@lnzphoto.com to secure your spot.

Let’s capture some precious memories this summer!

Lindsey at LNZ








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