Storytelling Wedding Photography & Videography

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Storytelling Wedding Photography & Videography

Storytelling Wedding Photography – Why Tell Wedding Stories?

Wedding photos and films are about so much more than the product. That’s where storytelling wedding photography and videography comes in.

I say it all the time, but it’s how the camera person makes you feel. It’s how they go about capturing your wedding day. It’s their style. How they tell your story. The people shown. How you got together. Your unique connection. It’s you. Most importantly, it’s all these things coming together.

Because without your story, you’re just a lovely couple all dressed up, right? It doesn’t mean much to you or to me. But with story, it means EVERYTHING. 

I don’t want to just take pretty pictures. Well, of course that’s a huge part of what I want to do. But I want to do MORE than that.

I want to create something that you’ll look back on and FEEL that moment, remember what was happening, what led you there. Creating something that has significant meaning for those involved, that’s what I want to do.

And that starts by telling a story.

Storyteling wedding photo dad tearing up during wedding ceremony

Feeling the story, in story books.

I’ve always been a bookworm. I enjoy nothing more than loosing myself in a good story and escaping into other worlds painted by words by the authors.

There’s something magical about the fact that simply with the use of words, authors can take you somewhere else. Use of descriptions, thoughts, feelings, that your eyes read with speed and your brain turns into something spectacular.

Feeling those feelings, thinking those thoughts, putting yourself in the character’s shoes. 

As much as I wanted so badly to be good with words, I became good with photographs. And telling far more personal and intimate stories. Stories that’ll only make complete sense to those involved, yet give those who weren’t a very real glimpse into how that particular moment felt.

Photos are a universal language, and thus create a universal story. 

A story which is beautiful for someone not directly involved, but beautifully meaningful for those who experienced the very things happening in the photos. 

Storytelling wedding photography bridemaids and guest after bouquet throw

The people. Your people, are important.

As a wedding photographer you might think I’ll spend the day following you around like paparazzi. It’s your big day after all, right? 

Not exactly. While of course, there’ll be loads of photos you both for sure, I’m also there to capture the fun and emotions of your family and friends.

They’re a part of the story. Your story.

The support of those closest to you. Sharing your day with your most important peeps.

Because a wedding isn’t complete without those important few in your life. And as such, they’re a part of your story.

Your guests enjoying themselves, doing shots, playing garden games, all those things are a part of your wedding days plans, and as such, your story.

Storytelling wedding photos strong beautiful couple

Don’t Shoot What it looks like, Shoot what it feels Like

How do you tell a story with photographs? Well, you have to be a pretty good people watcher. It’s all about moments, reactions, connection. It’s about the REAL emotional rollercoaster of your wedding day.

It might be:

– How you cried while getting ready reading a card from your spouse-to-be.
– The moment you see each other for the first time during the ceremony.
– Walking back down the aisle as a just married couple while your guests applaud!
– Being congratulated, hugged and loved by your guests.
– Your guests amazement at the magician who blew their minds.
– The speeches that made you and your guests both laugh AND cry.
– How you held each other full of the emotion of the day during your couples photos.
– Your slow and emotional first dance, followed by epic tunes that led to a mad party!

Your day might include all or none of the these. The beauty about weddings, is they’re all different. Whatever those moments are, they will be unique to YOU.

Weddings days might follow a similar pattern but no one will experience the moments, the story, the way you will.

You doing it exactly how YOU both want to, is what’ll make your day feel like the best day ever.  

Storytelling wedding photography confetti on floor

Where does the story start?

Your partnership is unique to you. Only you two.

There are things that may be similar to others like where or how you met, but when you look at all the pieces that make up your relationship you end up with a completely unique story.

Pretty cool, huh? No one else met or experienced those things you have together.

When you get married, your wedding is a part of that story and your choices make each and every wedding day unique and perfect for you both!

As a wedding photographer, I revel in capturing that story of the day. Aiming for you to be left with amazing photos that you can look back on for years to come.

I have the experience and the equipment, but most importantly I LOVE photographing weddings, I love what I do.

Capturing those golden moments, putting you at ease and creating a space where you feel comfortable to be yourself and get photos that reflect YOU!

Storytelling Wedding Photos & Video

So, wedding photos and films are beautiful things. But when you add in story it blows minds. It creates meaning beyond meaning, and it captures something so precious. 

What’s your story and how do you want it told, and remembered?

Storytelling wedding photography Hawaiian party

Story addict?

Come check out the blog for lots of wedding stories! 



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