Southsea Castle Wedding Photographer – Anna & Dan

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Anna & Dan’s Relaxed Southsea Castle Wedding

Getting married in a Castle may sound like it’s a bit of a high pressured wedding, but not for Anna & Dan. These two beauts simply chose somewhere they loved that was close to home. Anna was nervous about walking down the aisle and the short aisle at Southsea Castle sealed the deal in them choosing this stunning wedding venue. 

Having their service in the Keep while heading outside for drinks afterwards, followed by an amazing reception party in the Marquee. Southsea Castle has such a variety of locations all within a small distance, which makes it a perfect wedding venue. 

Getting Married in May might be Hot, and Wet!?

While we were blessed with a stunningly warm May for Anna & Dan’s Southsea Castle wedding, thunderstorms were forecast. I was super nervous of the weather – having a wedding in a Castle is something I really wanted to go well, for myself and for Anna & Dan!

I arrived at Southsea Castle really early to make a plan for the day in case of any rain. Luckily that wasn’t a problem at all and the sun shone all day, with the exception of a small rain shower during dinner. I don’t tihnk the timing could have been any better!

We even had a stunning sunset (skip to the end for sunset photos!). The weather literally held out until I left to drive the two and a half hour car journey home! Although thunderstorms while driving such a long way with precious wedding photos was my next fear! Needless to say all was well and we got some stunning shots from the day. 

For another post on how I got the sunset shots head here.

Wedding Suppliers

WEDDING VENUE: Southsea Castle
MAKE UP: Birute Thomas MUA
HAIR: Michaela
FLOWERS: Louise Fear

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