Rustic Wedding Photography at Bellows Mill, Bedfordshire

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In the previous post, I told you about the first wedding I photographed in 2013 at Redcoats Farmhouse Hotel. Well, my next opportunity came in 2015 for some wedding photography at Bellows Mill. I didn’t actively seek it out and it had been a while since I’d photographed the first wedding. As a student I’d just left university, so the only thing on my mind at that time was “I need a job.”

Luckily that job was the gateway to my next wedding photography gig.


The first job I got after university was for a personalised gifts company as a retoucher. My job was to edit old newspaper scans using Photoshop. The sort that you’d buy someone as a gift to show them what the news was on the day they were born!

A group of us became really good friends as being that we were all very creative so we had lots to talk about. And I probably owe the position I’m in now to those girls.

One really encouraged me into officially opening the doors to LNZPHOTO and the other got me my first jobs, so I literally couldn’t have done it without them. That leads us to the rustic wedding photography at Bellows Mill with Haley and Paul.

My second ever wedding. My first ever solo. 

I made sure Haley & Paul knew the position I was and that I was very new to wedding photography. They were happy to go ahead they booked me to photograph their wedding day. I was elated. My first paying customer. I was also extremely nervous!


It was what felt like a long drive to wedding venue at Bellows Mill and I had all sorts of thoughts going through my mind. A lot of photographers would have said I was crazy for photographing my second wedding alone. Crazy I may be, I went and photographed that wedding, and I am so proud of the outcome. 

I was giving a list of photography instructions by the registrars, pictured above. To this day I’ve not had a list like that given to me from any other wedding, weird, huh? But I was grateful, because it gave me some rules to work to. And taught me to always introduce myself to the officiant. 

So Haley & Paul got married in the beautiful picturesque Bellows Mill and I captured the day. It still feels surreal to this day. I can’t thank them enough for trusting me and giving me the chance, because after this wedding, everything slowly started to change.

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