How To Relax, Be Yourself and Get Heartfelt Engagement Photos

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How to relax be yourself and get heartfelt engagement photos

Would you love relaxed, heartfelt engagement photos?

You’re engaged, you’re planning your wedding, and you’d love engagement photos.

But, being photographed is, frankly, terrifying – I get it!

You want heartfelt moments that capture that rare connection you share, without fake, stiff, overly posed awkwardness. Natural photos that perfectly capture your love story.

As a wedding photographer who lives for capturing couples that’re marrying their best friend, just like you, I have some amazing tips that’ll help you create heartfelt moments you’ll LOVE.

Couples middle as they embrace engagment photos

1. Don’t be Afraid to Move

When coming face to face with a camera, it’s natural to clam up and go a bit stiff. You start thinking about all the “flaws” you have and how you hope they can’t see your [insert thing that drives you crazy here].

But here’s the thing, your partner will see that part of you differently, guaranteed. Am I right? And dwelling on things that no one else will notice will undoubtedly make for a rubbish experience, and photos that don’t show the beautiful connection between the two of you.

Please trust me and let go a little bit – and that’s where movement comes in to help with this. Don’t be afraid to rub their arm, put your hand on their back, walk together, give each other a piggyback, play games.

Doing these little things will not only help you feel more relaxed, and take the focus off the camera, but also create little moments of gold between the two of you.

When I work with engaged couples like you, I’ll help give you these little golden nuggets with tried and tested prompts that’ll help you move as naturally as possible. You’ll be amazed at how relaxed and at ease you feel, with zero awkwardness.

And the photos, authentic moments that show the unique connection of your love story.

He kisses her on forehead engagement photos

2. Chat to Each Other

Similarly to movement, just simply chatting and engaging with each other leads to TONS of amazing moments between the two of you. Moments that are unique to you both.

But when someone’s pointing a camera at you, it doesn’t feel natural to talk to each other. You feel like you should be doing some amazing glamour pose, else you might look weird and all they’ll get are awkward moments of you with your mouth half open, right? Wrong! (Lion king vibes there!)

You just engaging with each other creates subtle connections between the two of you, you might not notice them day to day. But they’re there.

Whether it’s the way they tuck your hair behind your ears, place their hand on your back, or the way look at you, there’ll be little moments of connection that you won’t realise are pure gold while you’re simply chatting away

I love picking out these immense moments, capturing them forever in a single 250th of a second frame, and providing them for you to look back on your time together.

Sitting on a log nice and close together, couple look to each other

3. Choose comfy clothes!

Okay, this might seem obvious but it’s honestly so integral to great relaxed photos of the two of you.

Choosing clothes that you feel good in, that are comfortable will instantly help you relax.

You know when you put on that pair of jeans that don’t sit right and you’re forever adjusting them, pulling them up; but then they feel weird, and down; then they’re too low. Yeah, don’t wear those jeans.

When you’re wearing uncomfortable clothes your attention WILL be focused there, instead of on the moments you’re sharing together.

Honestly, it’ll be better to have you feeling yourself in PJ’s, than dressed to kill in an outfit that you can’t stop fiddling with to get comfortable.

Believe me when I say you’ll be able to tell in the photos.

Couple look away from camera holding hands

Want Heartfelt Moments Like These?

For relaxed awesome and heartfelt photos, the key, most important thing to remember is:

Just relax and be you.

But it’s not always that easy, so I’d love to help you do just that. Check out my relaxed engagement photo shoots below.

This is exactly the approach I take with my wedding photography, and I’d love to chat more, please feel free to get in touch and we can chat about your shoot!


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