5 Reasons To Have a Professional Wedding Photographer

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Professional Wedding Photographer – Is it Really that important?

Now I know what you’re thinking, as a professional wedding photographer myself I’m bound to say it is. And I will. But it’s not because I’m trying to sell you something. I mean of course I am out to make a living doing something I love, sure. But I do it because it’s about capturing real relationships, emotions and people, to me it means something.

I do it because I love photography and I love capturing real moments of true love. The person who drives you crazy but you couldn’t live without. The way they make you laugh when you’re trying (really) hard not to. The person who has a deeper connection with you than you ever thought possible.

Of course I think that’s important. So with all that aside here are my five top reasons to have a professional wedding photographer. If after reading these you disagree – not to worry, we’re all different – that’s what makes us awesome and for some these moments will be treasured long after the wedding day has passed.

#1 Professional Photographs are something you can look forward to beyond your wedding day

This one some people really won’t think is a big deal, but as photographers  we are still there once the wedding is over. For us, the work has only just started.

That’s exciting for you because you may get a sneak peak at your photos or a blog post to look forward to, depending on your photographer and how they work. But a few weeks after the wedding, the jitters will be wearing off and you’ll be wondering what to do with your time. Now that the wedding you’ve been planning for so long has come and gone, all you’ll want to do is relive it.

And that’s when your photos arrive in the post and suddenly you can relive the day in stunning high quality, with professional wedding photographs that tell the whole story of what happened on your amazing and special day. 

Not only can you look forward to reliving your day once it’s passed, you have those wedding photographs, forever! So you can relive your wedding day whenever you want to, when family come to visit you can get them out and show them off. 

If you think your wedding is too small for a photographer, trust me when I say that I would love to capture your love story regardless of venue, location, or how amazing your favours are. For me, it’s all about the people.

#2 What better time than your wedding day?

For some, their wedding day is one of the most important days of their life. You’re going all out to have a celebration of love with your nearest and dearest. What better time is there to have a professional wedding photographer there to document it all and capture every moment? 

All those other things you worked tirelessly to bring together, captured forever by your professional photographer so you can look back and remember how you planned everything and how it all turned out perfectly. Honestly, what better time to think about hiring a professional photographer than your wedding day?

#3 Professional Photographers are Experienced

You may be thinking that you’ll have plenty of guests that’ll take photos, and while I say absolutely let them snap away – they don’t have the experience or equipment to capture the moments as a professional can. Not only that – they won’t be there with you all day for every moment.

Professional wedding photographers know where to be and when, and dependant on your package, will be there with you for every moment you want professionally captured. And moreover, my style is to do it naturally while you and your guests enjoy the day.

#4 High Quality Equipment & therefore High Quality Photographs

Lots of weddings take place in quite dark rooms and usually happen in summer in the height of full sun. Professional wedding photographers will know what to do in all lighting situations to achieve the best photographs.

Not only that but they’ll have equipment that can handle the low light of a dark ceremony room a lot better than a phone could. I myself am always looking to shop for equipment with this in mind. This means ‘fast’ lenses (that let in more light) and cameras with better ISO sensitivity (increased light sensitivity increasing light without adding too much digital noise).

#5 Peace of Mind – we’ve got you covered

The fifth and final reason I’ve got for you is that we’ve got you covered. Usually wedding photographers are passionate about their business and their craft, as such I always want to give my couples absolute peace of mind.

Professional wedding photographers should be fully insured with public liability insurance, as well as insurance to cover their equipment. You should also be provided with a contract or terms and conditions when booking a professional wedding photographer.

This is not just for the photographers benefit, but for yours too. I’ve heard many horror stories where no agreement was put in place.

I had one lady message me as they had an amateur leave them in the lurch with unedited raw files (uncompressed camera files that contain lots of lovely data us professionals know how to handle). Unfortunately without a copyright release from that photographer I couldn’t help her as I’d be breaching copyright. A contract protects both parties and is hugely important!

So will you hire a professional wedding photographer?

I hope you found this post useful, maybe it brought something to your attention you may not have otherwise known. Whatever you decide when planning your wedding, make sure you pick the suppliers who are right for you and match your day.

If you have any questions at all, please don’t hesitate to get in touch or leave a comment below! Until next time.

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