The Number 1 Thing You Must Do Before Postponing Your Wedding

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The Number 1 Thing You Must Do When Postponing Your Wedding

The Number One Thing You Must Do When Postponing Your Wedding

You’re considering postponing your wedding.

You just can’t stick with all these restrictions, everyone has to be there! You’ve come so far with planning this wedding, you couldn’t possibly cut the guest list down. Plus you’ve already ordered 100 favours.

You want to be restriction free so you can dance in front of (and WITH!) your family, hug them, kiss them without having to worry!

So you’re postponing.

I get it, really I do. You want you to have the best day ever, you’ve been planning it for ages, so rightly so! So here’s the number one thing you should do when postponing your wedding.

Check EVERYONE can make your new wedding date before you confirm it.

Yep before you go ahead and move your date, make sure all the people you must have there are free, and check with your favourite suppliers and anybody else who is an absolute MUST.

Here’s the five step process to help you make sure all the most important people will still be at your new wedding date:

  1. Firstly, get some dates of availability from your venue. When you’ve pencilled in a new date you’re happy with, DON’T confirm it.
  2. Make sure all your loved ones that you really MUST have can make it.
  3. Then check with your suppliers.
  4. If a supplier can’t do a date, decide whether you MUST have them or whether you’d be happy to find someone else.
  5. CONFIRM your new date and let everyone know!

That’s it! You’re all set to postpone your wedding and still have the BEST day ever! 

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