Pishiobury Park Couples Shoot with the Dogs! Rob & Gill

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Pishiobury Park Couples Shoot Pinterest Graphic

Pishiobury Park Couples Shoot with Dogs!

When Rob & Gill asked if their best friends could come along for their Pishiobury Park couples shoot, I was all for it!

When a couple want to do an engagement shoot before their wedding, I’m excited. When they want to bring their dogs, I’m over the damn moon! 

If you bring your dog for a couples shoot, it’s worth bringing someone along who can take care of the dogs too.

That way we can get some photos just the two of you, without you having to worry about the dogs, just like Rob & Gill did. 

Check out this post to learn more about bringing your dog to your couples session! And Becky & Ben even brought their dog to their Colville Hall wedding!

Pishiobury Park Couples Shoot Wall Art Example

Overcoming the Fear of Couples Shoots

Gill was nervous before the shoot. But she embraced the nerves and beamed all the way through.

By the end, she had said how much easier it was, than she thought it would be. I hear it a lot, I’m out to help you relax and have some fun!!

Dogs included if you wish! (Please, I beg you! Haha!)

Couples Photos at Pishiobury Park

Let’s check out some photos from Rob & Gill’s awesome Pishiobury Park couples shoot!

Couple walk towards camera laughing Pishiobury Park Couples Photo Shoot
Couple looking at each other laughing Couples Embrace at Pishiobury Park
He rests he head against hers Natural Couples Shoot Pishiobury Park
Couple sit on bench with their dogs Pishiobury Park Couples Photos with the Dogs
Couple sitting in grass with their dogs Couple and Dogs at Pishiobury Park Shoot
Couple sitting together with dogs while kissing Couple and Dogs at Pishiobury Park Photo Shoot
Wide shot couple embrace on log Couples Shoot at Pishiobury Park
Couple laughing together on log Couples Engagement Photos Shoot Pishiobury Park
Couple kiss on log Couples Engagement Photos Pishiobury Park
Close up of couples embrace Couples Pre Wedding Session Pishiobury Park
Couple walk towards camera with beautiful golden light from sunset behind them Couples Pre Wedding Photos Shoot Pishiobury Park
Couple stand looking at the camera while she holds his arm Couples Pre Wedding Photos Shoot Pishiobury Park
Couple walk with their dogs Couples Pre Wedding Photos with the Dogs at Pishiobury Park
Couple embrace on bridge Couples Pre Wedding Shoot Pishiobury Park
Couple stand kissing holding their dogs leads on bridge Pishiobury Park Couples Shoot with Dogs


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