The Photography Show & Body Jam – What I’ve been up to this week

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I wanted to let you know a bit about what I’ve been up to and give you a bit of insight into my weekly life so this weeks post is a personal one about the past week and the plans that lay ahead.

Hotel room selfie!


On Saturday I was at the NEC in Birmingham to visit the Photography show. A big annual convention which hosts all things photography every March. I got there early for the first time in 3 years, and waited amongst the crowd of photography enthusiasts and professionals to get in.

The show opened at 10am and the first talk I wanted to get to was at 11am. Perfect, an hour to get walking around the show looking at the suppliers. But I spent the first 30 minutes just at one stall talking to an album maker! The show is so big, I was literally getting lost in hall 5 of the NEC. I tried to remember where I started and finished, before running off to a talk and trying to figure out where I had gotten to! I only had a day there and I wanted to get the most out of it.


I felt good about the suppliers I talked to, one supplier had a big video ad in the entrance hall. Everyone was watching while waiting for the doors to open. And the ad was really good, I was convinced maybe they were who I should talk to. The brilliant thing about the show is you never know what gems you might find. I found myself talking to another supplier who were super helpful and are sending me some samples. 

With Framers, I saw the same ones I was convinced by last year, that I also chatted to at SWPP in January (another photography convention held by the Societies). They were bold, unique and definitely the best at what they do. You know how it gets. You pass over into busy season and don’t get a chance to go back. So I definitely want to get some samples from them at some point, but this time I spied the exact things I’d like to offer. Exciting!


I went to a few different talks, some which weren’t quite what I thought they’d be! But my to favourite talks included one about Instagram. I’m just getting to grips with Instagram so learning a few things I didn’t know before was great! And one by a documentary wedding photographer. He showed a couple of slideshows, one of a wedding and one of a birth.

It was amazing to be watching a slideshow of people you don’t know but tearing up because you know what the photographs mean and will mean to those people. What we’re creating is history, and it’s so important to tell future generations about our world!


I wanted to go and try and test two cameras, however I only made it to see one camera out of the two. It was the more important one, the one I knew I’d want to see. And Yep. I’m sold. It’s AMAZING. I love getting excited about the equipment I shoot with and this camera makes me so excited for the future. For the photographers reading it was the Sony A series. I know right, we’re all hoping to make the switch! 


So going away from the show, I had lots to think about. Unfortunately I haven’t had much time to sit and think about it just as yet as I had decided to book myself onto a Body Jam class on Tuesday evening. I’ve struggled with my weight since my late teens and discovering a real love of food, in my experience there’s nothing pizza can’t fix. 

If you’ve followed me for a while you might know that I’ve gotten into Yoga and Body Balance classes. They help calm my mind and give myself a couple of hours each week to focus on me and relax. Well I wanted to introduce another class that was a bit more cardio and hopefully a little bit fun. 


I’ve always wanted to dance, but I know I’m horrible at it! When I was a kid I begged my mum to enrol me in the local dance club. I went once. She says I told her I didn’t need to go anymore after that first time because I’d learnt it all. In fact I think I was horrible and scared and embarrassed because I didn’t have any friends in the class to hang with and dreaded going back. 

Well not anymore, I was going to follow that childhood dream! I went to the class! Win! I have to admit at first it was so awkward, like your the loner at a party trying to dance. And failing. And just looking really awkward in the corner. Luckily I let go of some of that fear and anxiety, because I realised it wasn’t helping and I just looked more awkward!

And I got into it. What’s more, I think I’ll go next week. But for tonight… Yoga!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this post and a bit of insight into how I spent my week being surrounded by my love of photography and fighting the fitness battle. If you enjoyed it, please let me know in the comments so I can make more posts like this one! 

Until next time!

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