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Paws in the Park Dog Show 2017

On Sunday I had the opportunity of doing a bit of dog photography at the Paws in the Park Dog Show run by charity, Havering Mind. Dogs of all shapes and sizes and their humans were super excited to show off their skills, outfits and more! I even recognized one or two from the All About Dogs show last year which I had the pleasure of photographing.

Now I’m dog lover but a dog lover without a dog. Seeing so many dog lovers like myself who have the time and ability to care for their best friends, who’re doing just that melts my heart. I live to see and capture the relationships people share with their loved ones and their pets, so this was an awesome day. Full of love, care, skills, fun and yes you guessed it, dogs!

Newfoundland dog runs excitedly at paws in the park dog show

Some dogs were just so excited for the show to start!

While some dogs were bursting into the grounds of Harrow Lodge Park on Sunday morning I was ready and waiting to capture them and their quirks, the relationships they share and the fun of the day.

Doggy De-stress

Dog and dog owner embrace at Paws in the Park dog show


It’s proven that having a dog decreases human stress levels by increasing levels of the happy hormones when we play with or pet them, so what better way to raise money for a good cause that promotes good mental health and to get our puppy counterparts involved!


Dog using the photobooth at Paws in the Park Dog Show

Enjoying the photo booth in style.

Dalmation Meeting at Paws in the Park Dog Show

Pongo and Purdy love going on as two dalmatians fall in love.

Yorkshire terrier makes new friend at Paws in the Park Dog Show

Some dogs were a little weary about making new friends…

Dachshund at Paws in the Park Dog Show

While others were taking in all the sights from the lowest level!

Relationships with humans and their best friends.

The most impressive thing I encountered at the dog show was the relationship between human and dog. Truly operating as our best friends in every sense of the words. I was so proud to have captured the following photos, that I feel show each companion relationship uniquely. These are among some of my favourite images from the day because they show a true connection between human and dog which is one of the most beautiful things in this world.

Retreiver looks lovingly at owner at Paws in the Park Dog Show

Look at that face!

Dog on mans palms at Paws in the Park Dog Show

“From up here I can see everything!”

Dog owner wrapped up with dog at Paws in the Park Dog show

Dalmation and owner at Paws in the Park Dog Show

Dalmatian and dog owner close together at Paws in the Park Dog Show

Fun & games!

A dog show wouldn’t be complete without a little bit of healthy competition. Pedigree and crossbreed rings meant that there were prizes in abundance for all the lucky winners! More than happy to oblige in the hopes that they got a sweet treat were the dogs of course. With running competitions to the cutest puppies to best fancy dress and best trick you better believe the dogs brought their game.

Spaniel running in competition at Paws in the Park Dog Show

From running competitions…

Fancy dress first place winner at Paws in the Park Dog Show

To this amazing guy who absolutely deserved 1st place in the fancy dress competition.

Pug with his teddy bear at Paws in the Park Dog Show

Dog on hind legs performing for best trick at Paws in the Park Dog Show

Dog rolling over for best trick at Paws in the Park Dog Show

And best trick goes to this little fella!

Puppy Portraits

To finish of this post I’ve included my favorite portraits of some of the dogs I captured just taking in the day. A great event and a great cause, it was awesome to be a part of it.

Portrait of a Greyhound at Paws in the Park Dog Show

Paws in the Park Dog Show Portrait

Close up Spaniel portrait at Paws in the Park

Havering Mind

Havering Mind are a charity who help and support sufferers of mental health problems and are dedicated to raising awareness and promoting the understanding of mental health. To learn more about the work they do please head to their website at www.haveringmind.org.uk/.










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