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Noel’s Headshot Session

My first session of the year was a headshot session and took place on a chilly Saturday morning in January. I grabbed my gear together, loaded up the car and headed out in the frosty zero degree weather. The destination was to one of my favourite outdoor location for taking photographs. Pishiobury Park, a big local park just outside of the town where I live.

portrait headshot session of young actor

I arrived early at the park to access the light that morning, and took a few test shots of the landscape. When my clients arrived for their session, I greeted them and introduced myself. This was the first time they’d booked me for a photo session which we planned in December, the month before.

The Headshot Session

The plan was to take some headshots of Noel for his actors portfolio and applications. Just a teen discovering the things he loved to do, I was inspired that at such a young age Noel had an idea of what he wanted to do with his life. Following my own dreams, it was great to spend some time with someone so young who already knew what his dream was.

headshot session of smiling young actor

headshot session including a mid length shot with hands in pockets of young actor

The ground was frosty and soon soaked through my boots and two pairs of socks, but happy to go ahead Noel was feeling extremely brave. We had a fantastic time taking a variety of images in a variety of locations. Images that will help Noel complete the applications he needs to further his chosen path.

seated headshot session in colourful park

black and white headshot of actor from headshot session

close headshot of actor from headshot session

What I love most about shooting on location is the time to walk and chat in between shots that really lets me get to know you. After confirming the next steps, we exchanged goodbyes and I said that I’d be in touch soon.

headshot session, young actor leaning against bridge smiling

It’s an amazing feeling to know you may be helping someone to follow their dreams.

Until next time,
Lindsey at LNZPHOTO

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