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Noah’s Newborn Photography Session

Baby and newborn photography isn’t one of my main areas, it’s not something I’ve really had a chance to do, and I’ve not been around babies too much because I don’t know many people with them! So when a friend of mine had her first gorgeous baby boy and asked me to take his first pictures… I was honoured.

I asked if she was sure and she had absolute confidence in me… for that I’m absolutely in awe. I was so happy to have the opportunity, and that she trusted me to photograph her firstborn.  

So with that we planned a shoot date. Noah was around 6 weeks old at the time, so was still very tiny but much more alert and aware of his surroundings.

newborn photography wide shot of baby wrapping in blanket on white backdrop

Lesson 1: Newborn photography needs to happen when they are newborn!

The first lesson I learned was that I know why newborn photographers really recommend capturing the newborn stage within the first 7-10 days. 2 weeks old and 6 weeks old don’t sound much different, but believe me they completely are!

newborn photography side profile of baby looking up to mum off camera

Don’t get me wrong I’m not saying you can’t capture stunning moments at 6 weeks old, but if the look and style you’re after is dreamy baby and the poses you can put them in, this won’t happen at six weeks. It’s a bit of an awkward age because of course Noah was more awake than a newborn but still wasn’t old enough to raise his own head, which limits what you could do.

You couldn’t put him in these cute little newborn poses because he moved straight out of them because he was so much more aware than a newborn, and you couldn’t get him to sit or raise his head without using aids. So bare that in mind… newborn and baby photographers know what they’re doing when they advise certain things like having a photo shoot within 7-10 days.

newborn photography close up of babies feet

Lesson 2: Babies wee a lot!

Babies wee a lot. And poo too! You always wonder how much a baby actually wees when you’re not a parent… how do you know, they’re wearing a nappy! Well take that nappy off for a newborn photography session and you’ll see it’s very frequently that they relieve themselves. They also won’t hold off on going for a poo if they need to.

newborn photography close up of baby wrapped in blanket

Lesson 3: The parents needs to trust you fully.

Being trusted by a new parent to photograph their baby is an amazing honour. It’s true. Nothing is more humbling than the fact that this friend of mine, this new mum trusted me with her child. To take his first pictures. Babies have lots of firsts of course and each one is important, so to be the first photographer he met. Well that’s amazing.

newborn photography baby sleeping

Lesson 4: Patience is key.

Patience is key. With babies, you run to their time and don’t expect it any other way! These newborn photography sessions can last hours, so unlike a regular shoot where you can typically get everything covered in one hour, babies are a bit more demanding. So make sure you allow at least 2-4 hours because it will of course vary depending on the baby.

newborn photography naked baby laying on blanket sleeping

So those were the main things I learned on my first nearly newborn photography session. It was a lot of fun and we captured some stunning images, it felt amazing to have feedback from all of Noah’s family that everyone loved the shots. I was so thankful for the trust and opportunity to capture his first photos!

Lindsey at LNZPHOTO

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