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The New Camera, the Failed Outing and the Amaryllis.

I’d been looking to upgrade my camera system for a while, keeping an eye on this particular camera for months. I’d been on the fence about the upgrade for a long time, it was just too big an expense. When two large camera companies combined and the price increased, I realised that if I wanted that camera this year, then I’d need to make the investment.

And I did.

Now of course, when a photographer purchases a new camera, they’re like a kid in a candy shop, so of course I also added a battery grip, an extra battery and some more memory cards… all necessary items of course!

The Camera

Nikon D750

The main reason I wanted to write about this, is because the upgrade is a huge deal to the business. It means that I have two beastly cameras with full frame professional sensors to capture the most data possible. It means I have a fantastic backup camera should one fail. That’s not to say I didn’t have a backup camera before, but now the quality of my backup is of course, much better.

Not only that, but the thing I love most about it, is that it has 2 card slots, which is an absolute MUST for a wedding photographer. What this means is I can simultaneously shoot to 2 cards, so if one were to (god forbid) corrupt. I’d have everything on another card as well! It’s all about safety and avoiding things potentially going wrong on an event day of shooting.

So as I book more weddings, I realised the upgrade was a must and I went for it. It’s great for me because I get to shoot with an even better camera, and it’s great for you because you get even higher quality images, better safety standards, and you know I’ve now got two backups in case any technical difficulties were to occur.

The Failed Outing

When the camera arrived, I promptly got her out of the box, and examined her… wow soo so beautiful! I couldn’t wait to shoot with her! So I planned an outing that weekend, and it snowed! Arrr 🙁 Even though the camera is weather sealed, and I have a rain cover, I was reluctant to take her out for her first time in the snow. It just didn’t feel right! I know I’m crazy, but seriously this was important!

I knew I had to test her picture quality regardless, so I needed something to photograph.

The Amaryllis

Amaryllis plant

Jamie (my partner) and I have this plant called an Amaryllis. It’s is famous because no one can quite explain why it grows in the desert in winter. It’s also an album and song by one of our favourite bands. Their concept of the plant was that, if through unexplainable means this plant can grow and bloom, then through adversity, so can you.

It’s a concept I couldn’t help but fall in love with, as I try my best to bloom in my photography as someone who I would never have thought to have a business, yes I mean me! I couldn’t see it, me, run my own company? Madness. Yet here I am growing it slowly in the desert waiting for it to bloom.  

One day while Jamie and I were shopping, we came across this plant being sold and I had to have one! It just meant so much.

The Amaryllis will take approximately 20 weeks to grow, when it blooms, it’ll last for only 14 days.

So in the end my first photograph with my new camera was the Amaryllis and the feeling that you can do or be who you want to be, don’t let the anything hold you back!

Lindsey at LNZPHOTO

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