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Looking back – Photos from 2016

A selection of images from 2016 by LNZPHOTO

Happy New Year! To kick 2017 off I wanted to look back at some fantastic moments from last year! So 2016 was such a emotional year for me with so many good and bad things happening. This seems to be a year everyone is quickly willing to forget as we jump in 2017 (the 5th January already!), now there are some things I would like to forget… but there is plenty I hope you will join me in remembering.

The start of the year.

It’s hard to believe that I started this year having only ever photographed 2 weddings, that I had only just started my business the previous year and was trying to build up a portfolio. Of the two weddings I had photographed one was in 2013 alongside a fellow student at the time. The next came in 2015, two years later as a recommendation from a friend. I agreed to do it with great apprehension. I’d done a wedding before sure but I had a colleague, a friend by my side. That helps the jitters a lot let me tell you!

So in 2015 I did my first ever wedding alone and it was absolutely terrifying, but it was also exhilarating! I wanted to do more that much I knew, I just didn’t want the added pressure of having so little experience and doing them by myself. The answer? I sought out some professional photographers in the area that I admired at the end of 2015.

That leads us to 2016 where I met Dave of Dave Hadley Photography. I got to second shoot and assist at lots of weddings with him this year and I even did a good few on my own too! Photographing some amazing weddings and some beautiful families, I began to feel confident in my photography and my abilities and this year, all I want to do is amplify that. Resolving to continue to learn and grow as a photographer, I want to continue getting to know your stories and photographing your lives.

That brings us to now…

It’s the 5th January 2017 already and I have already begun my photographic journey by starting a 365 photo project. I aim this year to be even more dedicated to making this venture work. As you all know for now it must remain part time, as I simply do not have the funds to make it work on its own. And well, when you have a dream you’ve got to do what you’ve got to do to chase it! So thank you to everyone who has supported me through 2016, and here’s to a great 2017!

2016 in Photos

I’ve got a LOT of favourite photographs from 2016, so I am only choosing my most favourite images. Each image was taken at an event where I was the sole photographer. Enjoy, and feel free to let me know what you think!

Event Photos

Girl pops party popper at leaving party
Near the start of the year a leaving party I did included lots of fun with the kids.

Ashleigh and Pudsey at the All About Dogs Show 2016
One of the great things I also got to do this year! I photographed the All About Dogs Show at Hylands Park, Chelmsford where Ashleigh and Pudsey were performing!

Party photo, man points at the camera
Party photos always tickle me and this was one event I did a Photobooth themed shoot for!

Elaine & Les’ Wedding!

Bride and Grooms first kiss at Grays Registry Office
After waiting 15 years before finally tying the knot. You can feel the emotion in this one!

Bride and groom holding hands during signing of register
Holding hands while signing the register!

Bride and mother of the bride laughing together
Elaine & her beautiful mum sharing a laugh together.

Bridesmaid at the sweet table
Enjoying the sweet table after the Elaine & Les’ wedding ceremony!

Martyn & Karina’s Wedding!

Wedding Car in Harlow Picking up bride
Wedding car waiting for Karina to get ready!

Bride & Groom at wedding ceremony in Harlow
Martyn & Karina looking stunning at their wedding ceremony!

Bride and groom lean on pillars and look at each other
Fantastic Bride & Groom Portraits with Martyn & Karina at the Moot House in Harlow.

Bride and Groom against Brick Wall
Bride & Groom Portraits with Martyn & Karina against a brick wall at the Moot House.

Bridesmaids with balloons
Bridesmaids looking gorgeous and stealing the decorations!

Bride smiling entertaining guests
Karina laughing with her wedding guests.

Bride and Groom cut cake with reflection in the mirror
Martyn & Karina cutting their beautiful wedding cake.

Bride and Groom Laugh and Smile during First Dance
Enjoying their first dance together as husband and wife.

Wedding cake reflected in mirror
Stunning wedding cake.

Wedding rings placed on boquet of flowers
Wedding rings on the wedding flowers!

Wedding rings placed on boquet of colourful flowers
Rings on the bouquet!

Carrie & Iain’s Wedding!

Bride looking down in dress with veil
Carrie looking stunning on her wedding day.

Father crying after seeing bride
Crying at the sight of his absolutely stunning daughter, who can blame him!

Emotional reaction to wedding ceremony
Beautiful couple Carrie & Iain laughing together at their wedding ceremony.

Groom putting ring on brides finger
Iain puts his beautiful brides wedding ring on her finger!

Bride and Groom Laughing through wedding ceremony
Slight hiccup… putting the ring on the wrong finger!

First Kiss with Bride and Groom at Top Meadow Golf Club
Carrie & Iain, another couple who waited a long time before marrying finally share the first kiss as husband and wife!

All you Need is love Wedding Cake Topper
This wedding day inspired this quote throughout and it’s true, all you need IS love!

Bride and Groom kissing portraits at golf club
Beautiful Bride & Groom portrait session for Carrie & Iain at Top Meadow Golf Club.

Wedding rings in the boquet of flowers
I love their wedding rings, they’re so beautiful and they look so on the lovely bouquet!

Wedding rings surrounded by wooden hearts
Wedding rings on wooden hearts.

Family Photos!

Family portrait on tree log
Beautiful family photos at Pishiobury Park, these guys were fantastic to work with!

Family portrait in tall grass
I asked them very politely if they would all sit in the grass together for this one, completely worth it!

Father and daughter embrace looking at each other
A stunning and real moment shared as father and daughter have a laugh together <3

Boy and Girl sit on tree log facing away from camera
Brother and sister sitting next to each other on a tree log, I love this!

Portrait of young boy close up
What a stunning little man Ollie is!

Portrait of young girl close up
“Hey, it’s a bit chilly out here!”

Phil & Karen’s Wedding!

Bride and Groom middrift photos
Bride and Groom detail shots of Phil & Karen showing their stunning wedding wears.

Just before the first kiss of bride and groom
Phil & Karen have a gorgeous moment during their first kiss.

Just married, bride and groom look at each other before leaving church
Very happy to be married, just before leaving the church.

Bride and groom snuggle in the cold for a kiss on the bench
Snuggling in the cold for a kiss on the bench.

Bride and Groom look to each other standing outside the church
Looking lovingly to each other as they stand outside the church.

Bride and Groom looking at each other in churchyard
You can just feel the love between these two!

Bride and groom stand outside church where they got married
Phil & Karen standing outside the church where they wed.

So that’s it for 2016, bring on 2017! I’m ready… Have a good year everyone <3

Lindsey LNZ















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