How To Keep your Wedding Photos Safe & Care For Your Digital Files

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How to keep your wedding photos safe & care for your digital files

You’ve got your Digital wedding photos, now what?

It’s great that we live in a world where we can supply all the moments from your wedding, capturing the story of your day better than ever before.

If you’ve never had an old phone break or a hard drive fail, you might think keeping them on that USB is enough. But it’s easy to loose, break, or even degrade, eventually corrupting your precious files into unusable nothingness.

So what’s the best way to keep your wedding photos safe and make sure you don’t loose those images?

Crystal USB sample

1. The Key to Keeping Your Digital Wedding Photos Safe is… Backup, Backup, Backup

Now when I say backup, backup, backup, I mean backup, backup, backup! Seriously, in at least three places. You might have a USB and that’s great, but it’s an electronic device. If time has taught us anything, they’re less than reliable and change all the time! 

So a USB is a good backup, but make sure you copy them to a computer, or external hard drive, and even the cloud. Dropbox and Google offer some great personal allowances for free, make sure to utilise them! 

In the photography industry we’re always banging on about backing up (it’s super important to us too, because we DO NOT want to loose your memories!). And it’s common place that you should make sure to have one “off site” copy. That means if your house were to catch fire, you’d sill have them safe and sound elsewhere, either on a hard drive at mums, or backed up to the cloud.

Legacy wedding album with linen cover and acrylic photo with magnetic clasp

2. Have Your Favourite Wedding Photos Put in an Album

If you’ve browsed this website at all, you’ll know I’m a wedding photographer who hugely advocates for wedding albums, (so much so they’re in all my wedding collections!). Wedding albums are important for a number of reasons, which you can read about here, but they’re also another way to back up your favourite images.

Not only is viewing our photos in print much more enjoyable, better to pass down and share with children and family, but it’s another way of backing up your favourite memories of your wedding. I guarantee it’ll become a prized possession and the one thing you’d likely grab if you house actually was on fire!

Fine Art Wedding Album Pages

3. Go Old Skool and Get Those Wedding Photos Printed!

You probably won’t fit all your photos in your wedding album, and there’s some you’ll love for memories but not necessarily want in your album. For these, you’ve got to print them out! 

In this digital world, we don’t print photos like we used to. So if there’s one thing you do differently have some prints of your favourite moments. Keep them in a memory box, take them out with your album. Pass them round with friends and family.

These are a great backup, but also a great conversation starter, and a must have that many of us forget about these days!

USB and branded box sample

How Many BackUps, Lindsey!?

There’s no right or wrong answer, just back up in as many places as you can. Multiple places for digital files, and add to that with albums and prints. Be safe in the knowledge that your memories are as safe as possible.

Because they’re not just photos, they’re your legacy.


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