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Karen & Phil’s Hatfield Peverel Wedding Ceremony at St Andrew’s Church,  | 22 October 2016

There was a slight chill in the air one autumnal October day back in 2016, but the weather was mostly warm. It hadn’t rained yet, so all was looking good. I arrived at St Andrew’s Church to photograph Karen & Phil’s Hatfield Peverel wedding ceremony sometime in the morning.

The beautiful colours that the autumn leaves gave the churchyard that day were breathtaking. I was in awe, excited and couldn’t wait to photograph this wedding. 

The Happy Couple wed at St Andrews Church

Having known each other for some time, but having gone their separate ways, Karen & Phil reconnected on Facebook. They’d gotten to know each other again, had fallen in love. And the rest, as they say, is history. Fast forward to October 2016 the couple planned a simple ceremony and a relaxed day, choosing St Andrew’s Church because they wanted a wedding ceremony that reflected them. 

And they achieved just that, it was a beautiful ceremony. Seriously, you couldn’t see a happier couple than these two. They smiled like Cheshire cats at each other throughout the service. You could feel the love in close proximity and they rarely needed guiding by me. They just embraced their day as it came, focusing on each other and their happiness. 

The WEdding Photos.

It never ceases to amaze me that people allow me into these intimate parts of their day. I really do love it and am so grateful so all of my clients, past, present and future.

Below is a selection of wedding photography captured at Karen & Phil’s beautiful autumnal Hatfield Peverel wedding ceremony at St Andrew’s Church. 

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