Harlow Registry Office for your Wedding Ceremony

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Harlow Registry Office for your Wedding ceremony

Harlow Registry Office – The Moot House

Getting married at the registry office in Harlow, sorta means not getting married at the registry office in Harlow anymore. I know, weird right?

They stopped doing the ceremonies there a few years ago. You’ll head there to give notice and what not, but for your actual ceremony, you’ll probably have it at the Moot House.

Close up of the front of Moot House Wedding Office

All About The Harlow Register Office & The Moot House

You’ll need to head to Harlow Registry Office to give your notice of marriage, this is to make all legal and dot the i’s and cross the t’s. 

You’ll pick a venue, which will likely be the Moot House in Harlow. Once chosen, you’ll have to have your ceremony in the venue you submit. You can change it but you’ll have to give notice again pay the fees again.

Couple look to each other smiling at Harlow Essex Wedding at the Moot House

Why Choose HArlow Registry Office for your Wedding?

1. Variety of ceremony rooms

There’s 3 ceremony rooms to choose from, all with different looks, guest numbers and the like giving you a good choice for your wedding ceremony!


2. Outdoor garden

Round the back there’s a small but lovely garden which works well for some photos after your ceremony!

Couple walk towards camera with evergreen trees in background at Moot House Wedding Harlow

Things to Consider When Booking HArlow Registry Office for your Wedding

1. No Confetti

Sadly, you can no longer throw confetti on the grounds if you choose to have your ceremony here. But a good option instead is bubbles. 


2. Parking

There’s a car park across the road, which is free if you wed on the weekend, but bare in mind guests’ll need to pay if it’s a weekday.

There’s some residential parking around, but it’s can be tricky to get parked there.

Couple walk through Bubbles in place of Confetti Moot House Wedding Photography

Ceremony Rooms For Your Wedding

1. The Len White Room

It used to be situated on the first floor, but they had a change around. Bringing the Len White room downstairs and giving it a new look, this ceremony room is a beautiful blank canvas for your service.

Perfect for intimate weddings, there’s a maximum guest count of 24 people.


2. The Sewell Harris Room

Decorated in pale blue, with red chairs, The Sewell Harris Room is a unique room. Situated on the first floor, it can hold up to 58 guests.

There’s a stairlift for disabled guests but the option of the Len White room downstairs might be better if you have fewer guests.


3. The Newhall Room

A new addition is the New Hall room which has another totally different look being made with bare bricks.

It’s in a separate building attached to the Moot House Social Club. It’s also on the ground floor, and can hold up to 78 guests. Maybe the answer if you need some disabled access but more capacity!


Bride and Groom walking out of wedding ceremony Harlow

Wedding Photos at Harlow Registry Office – The Moot House

A few wedding photos I’ve taken in the various ceremony rooms at The Moot House. 


Real Weddings at the Moot House

Check out some real weddings I’ve photographed at the Moot House below. 

Thinking of Getting MArried Here?

Amazing stuff! Congratulations, you can check out more information about Harlow Registry Office here, and the Moot House itself here

And if you’re having your ceremony here and you’d like a fun, relaxed and natural wedding photographer, come and have a chat with me! 



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