Pet Photography in Essex – Boss, the 12 Year Old Staffie

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Giving the gift of photography

Boss’ session came about because a good friend bought his mum a photography gift voucher for a session with me! In this day and age where everyone has everything, gift vouchers are such a great idea. Gift voucher all ready to go, I thought I’d go and post it myself as the address wasn’t far from me. Boss began to bark as I approached the door, and I hoped I’d get the gift voucher through without disturbing them too much. (It was a surprise!) 

 Success! Gift voucher delivered.

Pet Photography in Harlow, Essex

Boss’ human got in touch to book the session and we arranged a sunset session one evening shortly after. We went to Pishiobury Park, which is a location I do a lot of photography work. A gorgeous open park with lots of scope for photos. They would go for walks in this park and knew it well which gave them a better connection with the environment which is always a plus. 

Boss, the twelve year old Staffordshire bull terrier was rescued when he was just a pup.  Originally opting to choose another dog at the rescue, fate brought these together and it was Boss instead that went home with the family. Twelve years on and Boss has an amazing temperament. And he is literally the smiliest dog ever, just check out the photos below!

I’ll never understand the stigma that comes with Staffies. Every Staff I’ve ever had the pleasure to meet has been amazing, calm, tame, never a cruel bone in their bodies. The only attack you would get off of Boss is a lick attack! It’s the owner that makes the dog and as you’ll tell from the photos, that these two have an amazing connection. 

Treasured Keepsake of Human’s Best Friend

Knowing how people want to display their images is something I always love to know, so the images of Boss were no exception. When I took the photos round I could see how valued photography was to this family having had collage frames on the wall up the stairs. Therefore these photos they were to add a new collage to the wall. 

Delivering the photos was a moment of pure pride as the family gathered round, ‘Awww’-ing each photograph. “Do you like them then?” I said, and they replied with a resounding “Yes!”. And I knew I had done a good job.

Absolutely thrilled to hear how they would display the photos I can’t wait to see the final piece in action. It just makes my heart absolutely melt, what a honour to capture these moments for Boss and his family. 

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