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Harlow dog Photographer, Dog-less!

As you may know I’m a Harlow dog photographer and love capturing the spirit and personalities of our best friends. I’ve always wanted a dog, but for one reason or another have never had the chance to have one. So I’ve combined that and my love of photography into a part of my business.

I’m still trying to convince the other half that now’s a great time – I think it’ll be a while yet, but I know it’ll be worth the wait. Because to be a dog owner, you have to have time, passion and commitment. A dog is not just for Christmas! I don’t want to be unfair to the poor little thing and so through perhaps a little too much sensibility, we’re waiting. 

LUCY & COCO – The rescue sisters!

Which brings me to Lucy and Coco, two amazingly kind tempered pure breed rescue dogs. Lucy & Coco’s human’s first chatted with me over the phone about doing the dog session as a gift. Which of course I thought was an amazing idea, as did they and we scheduled a shoot! 

English weather being the amazingly reliable weather that it is (I’m kidding). It totally rained the day before and was on and off on the day of. The field in this weather would have been far too muddy, so we agreed to reschedule the session. 

As luck would have it our rescheduled date brought with it a stroke of summer sunshine, with the degrees in the upper 20s! It was a beautiful evening for a session. I was so excited to be getting out and shooting in the lovely warm weather, ready to welcome it with open arms (please let’s just pretend the weather hasn’t gone totally downhill since then!).  

How amazing is a Dog’s Resilience?

Lucy & Coco are both rescue dogs and had both been used for their puppy litters, having had several in their poor life before they found their forever home.

To meet them you’d never know what they’d been through in their past lives, both so tame and friendly, not even the bunnies phased them! I transitioned through all different emotions as I was told their stories. Anger, at the farmers who use dogs in this way. As a way to make a quick sale, to fill their pockets. But pride and happiness that people out there exist to rescue them. They drove HOURS to go and collect Coco, out of pure love. 

It’s hard sometimes to look at the world in a positive way when you know things like this exist, but it’s amazing to look through the eyes of those with purpose, and who go and strive to give dogs like these two a better life than they ever thought possible.

DOG Photography in Harlow, Essex

The session took place in one of my favourite places to shoot, Pishiobury Park. The sun was setting and the dog walkers were out. We even met the cutest golden retriever pup on the shoot!

My usual tricks which include a squeaker and making strange noises didn’t seem to work for these two who were definitely treat orientated. I think I got one shot which the squeaker helped me out with, and then that was it. They were too smart to play my game. 

Luckily their human mum had treats and helped me to gain their attention, we also used some sticks to throw so we could get some action shots. 

By the end of the session, I think we had them well and truly pooped out, they were ready to go home and have a sleep I think! Lucy especially, who gave up and just had to have a lay down. I hope they slept well that night!

Scroll down for a small selection of photos from the session, and be sure to leave a comment below and let me know what you think! 

Have you ever rescued a dog? I’d love to know more! Get in touch via the comment box or send me an email at [email protected].

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