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Happy New Year!

I hope you had a great festive season, filled with joy, love, laughter and yule log!

I’m back into gear now trying to work off the extra calories consumed at Christmas and I’m feeling really excited about the new year ahead. I don’t want to forget all about 2018, so my next blog post will be all about looking at 2018. I think it’s super important to look at where you were to show yourself how far you’ve come! 

The first thing that 2019 brings is a brand new look to the website! Not only has the website changed but also my logo and whole branding package, that means colours, fonts, and overall look and feel. There’s a fantastic reason behind this.


New look – Re-Branding

So as you may know already, I LOVE capturing natural, relaxed and authentic moments because I really believe they’re the best ones. When I was chatting with my graphic designer (Hollie Ellis Design) I remember saying I just wanted black and white as I didn’t want to limit and choose a colour, black and white was what I already had and it was boring! It doesn’t reflect me AT ALL. Luckily Hollie chatted with me for a while and I realised that the black and white look was old, outdated and didn’t suit the brand I was trying to create at all. Read more about my re-brand on Hollie’s website here!

 Branding Stylesheet for LNZPHOTO by Hollie Ellis Design

The Colour Palette

I realised that my photography is always about encouraging people to be natural, to be themselves, in a natural setting! So after talking it over with Hollie we decided that a natural colour scheme was the way to go. I love the colours Hollie picked, because they’re colours I too love! I wear them all the time, beige and natural greens! 

The Logo

There are a few concepts behind the logo, the first being the fonts are much more relaxed and friendly looking fonts (I know how knew this would have an impact!). And the little camera symbol emcompasses a cute little heart for a few reasons. The first because, I love what I do! But also because it represents you guys and the fact I really want you to love yourself, and your photos and be yourself and enjoy having your photos taken!


What does this mean?

All of this together, mean my brand, my facebook page, social media, website all have a different look and feel to them. They’re more inviting and friendly and ultimately showcase me as a person better because that’s me! My aim is to make people feel comfortable having their photos taken to capture moments they love and having had fun while doing it! So it only makes sense to create my brand to have the same feeling I wish to create in my photo sessions.

New Website Design for LNZPHOTO


With a new brand identity come a new website design, business cards, brochures, price lists, and more. So a lot is changing, but it’s all so I can give you the best possible customer experience.

Here’s the homepage; www.lnzphoto.com

I hope you like the new look, if there’s something you’d change, let me know. It might not be something I can change, but I’d love to know your thoughts and feedback. Send me an email at contact@lnzphoto.com

Have an amazing 2019, and hopefully I’ll see you all soon!

Lindsey at LNZPHOTO