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Your Guide to Christmas Sessions

Being in front of the camera is a scary thing, let me put you at ease with these 5 tips to rock your Christmas Sessions!

Christmas family sessions are about creating gorgeous portraits of your family at this magical time of year. It can be hard to get to grips with what to expect at a session, so let me help guide you with these key tips to rock your Christmas Sessions.

#1 Don’t keep telling the kids to smile.

You know how when someone tells you to do something, and immediately you don’t want to? It’s impulse, and simply telling a child to smile is going to bring out those big, fake, cheesy grins. You know the kind! We want natural smiles that showcase your little one’s personality, those are the smiles I live to capture. So simply put, don’t keep telling them to smile. We’ll chat and laugh and have fun! That’ll create the most natural smiles that I promise you’ll love the most!

#2 Wear what you feel comfy in.

Now I don’t mean come in your jarmies, but wouldn’t that be a treat and hey why not! But seriously, if you feel uncomfortable with what you’re wearing this will show in the photos. We need you to be as comfortable and relaxed as possible so choose something you love to wear that’s comfy. Also if you want to go Christmasy, do so! But hey, if you don’t want to no pressure! Just make sure there aren’t too many patterns as they can be really distracting!

#3 Make sure you’re well rested and well fed.

We all get a bit hangry a times right?! Okay, I know this seems a weird tip, but it can make all the difference to those relaxed feelings! This goes for young children as well – make sure to book a slot once they’ve had a nap. If you book a slot right before nap time they’re likely to become agitated as they want to go to sleep!

#4 Arrive early.

Making sure you’re early to your shoot will give you the benefit to make the most of the time we have.

#5 Remember that the aim is to have fun!

Remember we’re here to have a fun experience together while capturing beautiful portraits. Relax, and let the worries slip away. You’ve got this.

If you still have questions on your mind, get in touch. I’d be happy to help! Contact me here





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