Engagement Photos: 7 Reasons to Have an Engagement Photo Shoot

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Unsure If You Need or Want an Engagement Photo Shoot?

You might have started to plan your wedding. You might be looking for a photographer. And an engagement photo shoot might have cropped up. You’ve never considered them before, but are kind of interested. You’re just not sure if you want or need an engagement photo shoot.

Below you’ll find my written top 7 reasons to have an engagement photo shoot. Alternatively you can what the video above. But if nothing else, I hope you consider having engagement photos.

Couple sit closely together in Country park photo shoot

7 Reasons Why You Should Have an Engagement Photo Shoot

I love holding engagement photo sessions, and I think they’re super valuable for many reasons. For a lot of people, until they get to the stage of booking a wedding photographer, they’ve not really considered engagement photos.

I hope this post helps you consider and maybe even book an engagement photo shoot!

1. Engagement Photos for Invites/save the dates

Create something really unique with your invites or save the dates. Including professional engagement photos of the two of you is not only a chance to show off to your guests, but also to create something unique and personal.

2. A chance to reconnect

Use the time we spend together on your engagement session as a chance to reconnect with your partner. It sounds corny, but trust me you’ll come away feeling nostagic and more in love.

3. Mark your engagement with another element of your story

Your wedding day is only a part of your story, why not add to that with something that marks your engagement.

4. You don’t have to dress up!

On your wedding day you’ll probably be all dressed up, and that might add to the anxiety. For your engagement photos, you can take a more casual approach. Where what you feel comfy in, be yourself! That’ll help you with the next one.

5. Practice at relaxing in front of the camera

Having an engagement photo shoot gives you the perfect chance to warm up to the camera and start to feel a bit more relaxed around it. Then come your wedding day, you won’t feel so nervous.

natural portrait photographer in harlow, essex

6. Get to know your photographer

It’s a great opportunity for you to get to know your photographer! To work with them before the big day, gives them a chance to show you how great they are! You get to know each other, it makes you more connected. That’s going to make for number seven.

7. better wedding photos & less stress!

Because you’ve had your engagement photo shoot you’ll be feeling less stressed on the day of the wedding. You know the photos will be amazing. A more relaxed you equals less stress on the day of your wedding AND as such, better wedding photos. Win win!

Dad kisses mum on the forehead in cute natural moment

So Engagement Photo Shoot? Yes or No?

I hope you found this helpful, and are starting to consider an engagement photo shoot.

And if you are, why not come and learn all about them by clicking below!

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