I’m Engaged, Now What? 5 Things to Do When You Get Engaged!

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I'm engaged, now what. Close up of engagement ring as couple hold hands sitting together

You’re engaged, now what!?

Firstly, congrats! Whether you’re planning to start making wedding plans straight away or wait awhile, you’re probably wondering what on earth you should do first.

Where do you even start? Well I’ve got you covered, with these 5 things you should do once you’re engaged! Grab a cuppa, and let’s get into them!

Close up of couples embrace with engagement ring at Stanborough Lake

1. Get your ring insured!

Most people forget about ring insurance for their engagement ring, and who can blame them. It’s hardly top of the list of exciting tasks to complete. But it IS super important! 

Get that beauty insured! If something terrible were to happen, you’ll want to make sure you don’t loose out!

2. Set a budget

Okay, this might sound a tad on the boring side too, but having a think about your budget will inform all your future choices and decisions.

It’s worthwhile taking some time with your other half to decide how much you want to and can afford to spend on your wedding.

Consider when you want to get married, how much you want to spend and if you can bridge the gap between the two. That way you have a good starting point. 

I Do Letters Ryder Room Crondon Park

3. Decide what’s important.

Decide on the things that are the MOST important to you both. This could be wedding numbers, this could be destination, venue, location, your wedding dress, favours, band, music, etc. What are those things you would love to have?

Figuring out what’s important to you will help not only make the day a reflection of you both, but will inform your budgeting decisions too. Helping you stick to what are MUST haves and what are just nice to haves that you don’t need and won’t miss if you do go over budget.

Wed2B Dress Hanging on Wooden Beam in Mil Pond Barn Colville Hall

4. Think wedding styles.

This is a hard one, there’s so many different kinds of weddings. Tipi, boho, barn, city? Relaxed, formal, church?

This’ll affect so many decisions when you’re searching for inspiration and researching wedding vendors.

Figuring it out ahead of time, will lead you to choosing the right venues and suppliers that fit with your theme, and echo what you envision for your day.

It sounds mad, but it’s absolutely true. If you’re having a relaxed wedding you won’t want to book a photographer that spends all their time arranging super formal group photos, am I right? 

Mill Pond Barn at Colville Hall

5. Choose a venue and set a date!

Once you’ve done the above, the natural next step is to start searching for your perfect wedding venue.

Which’ll be much easier because you’ve figured out your budget, what’s most important to you and what kind of wedding you’d love, so I bet you know exactly what kind of venues to explore now, am I right?

But don’t just find one that fits and book it, head to an open day or book a show round. Get to know the venue AND the staff. You’ll know when you’ve found the one, like you did when you said yes to the proposal! 

Choose your venue and set your date and it all becomes real – Eee!

Groom gives bride piggy back Stanborough Lake Pre Wedding Photos

Why not take it to the next level with an engagement shoot?

Well done! You’ve laid the basic foundations for planning the wedding of your dreams. Now you deserve a break, and I’ve got one final thing you can do now you’re engaged…

Okay, so I might be a tad biased on this one, which is why I’ve saved it for last. But an engagement photo shoot would be not only a fun thing to do but also something awesome to mark the occasion! 

Get some awesome photos to use for save the dates, practice getting relaxed behind the camera and reconnect with your partner. Win, win, win, win. Learn more about my engagement sessions below.


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