3 Tips To Help You Downsize Your Wedding Guest List

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3 tips thatll help you downsize your wedding guest list

Downsizing your wedding guest list?

Like many couples, your wedding might be affected by government guidelines and you may be forced to cull the numbers for your wedding.

If so you’ve got two options, you can cull to meet the government guidelines, or postpone. Whichever you decide, it’s got to be the right decision for you.

You might not want to postpone, and just be eager to finally tie the knot and I totally understand. If that’s you, this post is for you. Below are three top tips that’ll help you downsize your wedding guest list.

Downsized wedding ceremony chair set up

1. Start with your VIPs

Firstly, start with your VIPs, these are the people who mean the absolute MOST to you. The ones you can’t imagine getting married without. Usually, this list might have parents, or grandparents. But be really strict with choosing and try not to let it get out of hand.

The smallest limited guest numbers were 6 at weddings in the UK, so aim for this number with your VIPs. Don’t forget to include yourselves too, which means only 4 additional people. So who’re the 4 most important people that you simply can’t get married without?


You’ve got your VIPs, your base lines. Those super important people you absolutely couldn’t get married without. If your list when above 6 and you want to get married when 6 is the limit, it might be worth postponing to a date when you can have all those you absolutely MUST have there. But 6 might not be the limit, so let’s plan for more eventualities. 

Using government restrictions as your guidelines, create a segmented list based on what might be allowed. We’ve got our 6 VIPs (including you), so next name the next set of people you’d love to have there, segment the list when you get to 15, then 30 and finally the full list of those you would have if you could.

Having your lists arranged this way means you’re prepared for any restrictions, and if you really can’t fit those into a certain guest count, you know you can always postpone your date to a time when you can.


This one I did sneak in a bit earlier, but don’t forget to include the two of you in your guest list, especially for limited numbers. It might sound silly but under the current UK guidelines the guest counts include the couple, so definitely don’t forget you!

Now you’re better equiped to downsize your wedding guest list.

Now when you sit down you should hopefully find the process of downsizing your wedding guest list a little easier to manage. If you’ve downsized your wedding and this helped, or you have more tips, I’d love to know about it in the comments below.

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