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Attending Epping Town Show 2019

I received an email from the organiser’s of Epping Town Show asking me if I’d like to come along and have a  dog photography pitch at the show. I checked to see if I was free and while I had a wedding the day before, I had nothing booked in for the Sunday so I booked my place. 

It’s the first show of 2019 for LNZPHOTO and the first time I got the chance to use my new roll up banners, with my new logo and branding, oh and some new dog photos too. Exciting! 

The day was a mixture of cloudy with a few sunshine spells, and all round great weather for a town show! Especially considering some of the shows I was at last year had some terrible weather that had rained throughout!  

A Dog Photography Competition

As you might know, I love running my sessions on location because I feel this is where people can feel the most relaxed and therefore have a better outcome and taking better photographs. I gave show goers the opportunity to win a free 1 hour on location session with me! The competition was simple, guess the name of the dog. (I won’t tell you which dog as I don’t want to ruin the fun!) 

I love these competitions because people really do stop and think about it. Is the dog a male or female? What breed are they? All questions people try to use to give themselves an edge in trying to guess the correct name. Oh it’s not pluck a name out of thin air, by the way. I give a list of names, of which the correct name is on there. So it’s not as mean as you might have thought! 

It’s great to see people making their guesses and being in with the chance to win a free session! And for those that were unfortunately not winners, I sent a special offer out to them for their participation in the competition.

Any participants should have received their emailed results already, if you took part and haven’t received an email, please get in touch with me at [email protected].

Mini Dog Photography Session for your Best Friend

I also like to set up a small space for a mini shoot of your dog! These are great fun, they’re designed to be able to photograph one dog and take a couple of shots. But I host them for free as they just take a few minutes. I then send them to you after the event once editing is complete on an online gallery. From there, you can purchase as much or as little as you’d like. With no obligation to buy. A pretty good deal to make sure you have a lovely portrait of your best friend. Because I absolutely believe everyone should have at least one good professional photograph of their much loved pets.

I’ve had some great results with these in the past and I’m sure you’ll agree from one of the example’s below taken at this year’s Epping Town Show, little Penny was fab and is super cute!

Pet photography at Previous events…

Here’s a few dog photographs from previous events….

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