How to Plan A Dog Friendly Wedding! 5 Things to Consider.

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How to plan a dog friendly wedding

Wanting to plan a dog friendly wedding?

You want to bring your furbaby to your wedding day, I totally get it. But you’re not sure how to go about planning a dog friendly wedding. What are the logistics, how does it all work?

I’ve got you covered with 5 things to consider for your awesome dog friendly wedding.

Dog Portrait at Colville Hall Wedding

1. First, Think about the Dog.

Have you looked at the wedding day through your dogs eyes? Will they respond well to the wedding day or is it something that will it stress them?

Think about your dogs personality type, and determine whether they could be a huge part of the day, if you could bring them for a portion of the day (photos for example), or if they’d be better off staying at home, and making an appearance at your wedding in another way.

Couple hug their dog close in embrace at Colville Hall

2. Dog Friendly Wedding Venues

Okay so you’ve decided they can come – Yay! This is super exciting, but you’ve got to make sure you choose a venue that firstly, allows dogs.

If they allow dogs, what are their rules? Will they only let them come for a portion of the day? Are they only allowed for photos and not inside?

Dog runs down aisle to meet bride and groom with Wedding Rings Colville Hall

3. Safe Space at Your Dog Friendly Wedding Venue

You’ll want to make sure there’s a safe spot where you can set up a haven for your doggo to retire to. Maybe you could make a den. But at the very least somewhere you can put their bed.

And consider bringing some of their favourite toys and a blanket that smells like you, in case they do get a bit stressed. This way they’ll have something familiar to help calm them.

Buzz the Dog as Ring Bearer, as Groom takes rings from dog's suit pocket Colville Hall

4. Think Dog Minding Family Members.

Do you have a trustworthy family member who’ll be able to take charge of the dog on the day? You’ll be pretty busy and as such you’ll want someone the dog feels comfortable with to look after him, particularly if he’ll be there for a long time.

This person will be able to watch the dog while your off greeting guests and having photos (ones that don’t include the dog, obviously!).

Nosey Barker Dog Sitting Wedding Colville Hall

5. Get a Wedding Dog Sitter.

Yep, you can hire someone to help with the task of bringing your best friend to and from the wedding, watching them and looking after them and all sorts.

Services rang from them taking care of the dog all day and bringing them when necessary to them being a full on wedding chaperone with your dog. Pretty cool, eh?

There are specialist wedding dog businesses that do this, but local dog walkers might also have this on their list of service too.

Portrait of the Bride and Groom as dog sits in Brides Dress at Colville Hall

You’re Well on your Way to Having a Dog Friendly Wedding!

Consider these things first, and if you can make them work, amazing. You’ll be able to include your furry best friend in your wedding day!

If not, don’t be disappointed, it’s not for everyone, or all dogs. There are plenty of other ways you could include them in the day.

You could have a pre wedding shoot with them, include them in your cake topper, and have a photo wall with them featured.

If you’re planning a dog friendly wedding, you’ll need a dog friendly wedding photographer! Come learn more about my wedding photography here.


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