Spider-Man Kiss Couple’s Portraits at Crondon Park

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I Love Couple’s Portraits!

I love photographing couple’s portraits on a wedding day. It’s one of my favourite parts of the day. And when you get a couple who are just as excited about this as you are, well you know you’re going to make something pretty special.

Michelle and Steven included elements in their day that were just so uniquely them. Their cake topper read “Those that game together, stay together.” Couples that are willing to embrace their unique relationship and what makes them, them, rock my world.

Embracing it as it comes.

When it came to shooting couple’s photos for these guys, I knew I wanted to capture something a little bit different. I took a chance and asked Michelle if she and Steven were willing, to laying in the grass. She was so up for it, I was almost in shock. I remember her saying “it’s for the photos, I’m only going to wear this dress the once!” 

Spider-Man Kisses Couple’s Portraits

I was in, they lay in the grass top and tail, the first couple to do this kind of shot for me. I switched to a shorter lens, my 24-70mm and took a couple of shots, experimenting with a closer and a wider composition. In the end, the wider shot works better for me. Not only because I got that moment I was looking for, but Michelle’s stunning dress fills the frame more. Making it seem even more like a fairy-tale moment.

The Kiss Itself.

The couple kiss, the groom naturally putting his hand up to his new bride’s face and a moment was created. It was quite funny, if you imagine it. I’m standing super close to these guys. A camera dangling over their heads, making jokes that I better not trip and fall. And they’re just so chilled out, I mean look at them!

I’m always looking for moments in between moments, to capture something really special and unique. That shows the real emotional connection between a couple. And the next shot, is my favourite one.

Taking a breath.

When you take a breath, and just breathe. Enjoying that moment between the two of you. The intimacy, the connection. Just a brief moment shared. Captured forever.

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