Boughton Golf Club Wedding Photography – Victoria & Leeroy

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Boughton Golf Club wedding Photography | Victoria & Leeroy!

A few years before if you’d have told me I’d be photographing Vickie & Leeroy’s Boughton Golf Club Wedding, I might not have believed you! I met Vickie whilst at university – we actually met when I was coming out of my first shower in the shared bathrooms (I don’t miss those!). While we studied very different subjects at university we quickly and easily formed a friendship, having similar music tastes. And quickly found the time to journey to the pub together on one of our first nights in halls. 

Vickie, as you can probably tell from the photos has an amazing, bubbly personality and she’s one of the most caring people ever! She’s always worked so hard to make sure those around her are happy and doing well, that it was so amazing to be a part of the day which celebrates her and her now husband’s happiness! 

So while Vickie was single while she was at university with me, she’d known Leeroy from years before. Moving back home, they’d rekindled their friendship and ultimately fallen in love. Proposing to his now wife at the Eiffel Tower in Paris, this formed part of their theme to their wedding, as you’ll notice from their cake topper! 

Fun Wedding Photography, with fun Couples!

I absolutely love couples who just embrace their day, take it as it comes and have fun with it! Vickie and Leeroy were one hundred percent that couple, with their Boughton Golf Club wedding. Not a single moment passed when they weren’t just enjoying their day with their loved ones and family! 

There’s even a photo in the collection of Vickie posing with the bus stop – just mucking around we pretended she was waiting for the bus for her wedding! When in actual fact, there was of course a Rolls Royce waiting! They were the couple that not only had fun, but thought of all the details as well. From a photo display of them, to a memory table, to the sweets for the kids, to the venue selection and even to my car which they bought ribbons for!

Getting wed on a beautiful September afternoon their autumn themed style looked absolutely amazing, and I love the strong and bold but natural orange colour. It suited their theme, the time of year and everything so perfectly. 

I’ll let the photos do the rest of the talking! Scroll down for a selection of images from Vickie & Leeroy’s beautiful autumn wedding!

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