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Asking all the Right Wedding Photography Questions.

The other night, I met with a potential bride and groom to chat about their wedding photography. I was blown away when asked a question I don’t think I’ve ever been asked about my wedding photography before. 

“What’s the best photo you’ve taken?”

It got me thinking, really thinking, about photographs I’ve taken and which ones I’m most proud of. All of them is the easiest answer and probably the most true. Well every photo that has meant something to my happy brides and grooms are the best photos I’ve taken. Capturing something that’s special to someone else, those are my favourites.

It would be impossible to Choose!

It would be completely impossible to choose my favourite wedding photograph of all time! But if I had to choose, at this moment in time. I guess I’d pick the wedding photograph on my homepage, which you can see above. It’s Amy & Connor from their beautiful 2017 wedding at Skylark Golf and Country Club.

This photograph for me, really represented a pivotal moment in my business. It wasn’t only that this represented the kind of photos that I wanted to take, but that they were the kind of couple I’d like to work with. Amy & Connor are two of the happiest people, whose bond together is so clear to see. They embraced their day as it came, laughing and smiling at every opportunity and created an infectious environment to work in!

If I’ve said It before I’ll say it again, Natural Moments are King!

This was a time when I realised that natural wedding photos were what I wanted to create. I wanted to know my couples well, to be able to laugh and joke with them and have fun with them! I wanted them to enjoy the process of working with me. And not come away thinking that the horrible bit was having their photos taken. It became apparent that it was important that my couples felt relaxed throughout their wedding day. And ultimately enjoyed both the process and the end results!

Don’t get me wrong, I can’t remember for the life of me what I said to illicit such laughter in the image above. But just look at them together. Some may criticise the technical aspect of this image, but if I’d been faffing with lights or not constantly joking around, I wouldn’t have got this reaction that shows the side of these two together you just wouldn’t have otherwise seen. 

I started to notice when working with other photographers they’d be messing around with their flashes while the couple were interacting naturally. They created amazing moments just on their own and I’d have been all over that. This was when I realised what made my photography different, it was that I saw each moment through a set of different eyes. 

I’d Love to see your favourite image!

I’d love to know your favourite photo you’ve taken? Was it your posed and smiling for the camera or a natural moment you happened to capture? I’m telling you natural moments are king. At least I think so. 

Until next time!

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